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Report Date: May 20, 2011

Micro-loan scheme for school leavers


Eligible for loan

In addition to caring for the needs of vulnerable children in their area and enabling them to attend school, a large part of Lonard and Rosemary's forward thinking is based around equipping the local people to become self-sustaining and thereby able to deal with their own issues. 

A big part of this in 2010 involved the training Jerry and Hayley Field conducted in how to grow a garden and the need to address mindsets (see November report).  As a result of this 18 families were given micro-loans to enable them to grow a lima of maize and empower them to become self-sufficient.

In 2011 funds have become available to enable them to also start a micro-loan scheme for the vulnerable children who finish school but need help to start some sort of income generation activity.

Last year 12 children finished school.  Six of them unfortunately have now gone missing due to either going to visit other family or early marriages.  There are six however that remain in contact with Chifundo. 


Shop in grandmothers house

Pilot programme

As a pilot program Jere Masauso was given 50,000zmk (approx US$10) to see what he could do. He decided to make a small shop in his home where he lives with his grandmother.

Currently he has used the money to expand the business and now has about 500,000 worth of stock in his shop.

The Chifundo leaders were very happy with his performance and have now decided to empower the other five school leavers.



Three school leavers are to farm 1 lima (50mx50m). They have all seen the encouraging results from the farming of the people in the villages who were trained by Chifundo last year.

Saidi, Melvin and Martha are interested in this program.  The total cost is 550,000zmk (US$115) per school leaver.


Chicken rearing for broilers

Jonathan Phiri has been working with a local farmer who raises chickens as a business. He has been learning the business and is now keen to start his own. The suggestion is to start small, with the minimum purchase of 50 day old chicks. Total cost 600,000zmk (US$125).


Retail shops - Buying and selling of goods

Jere has proved himself well and now wants to build a small shop. At present he is using his grandmother’s house which has a grass roof, causing fears of a fire destroying the business. Cost for shop 1,000,000zmk (US$210).

Violet also wants to start a shop; she will start it in her house until she can prove her abilities in retail.