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ZAM18a&d - Samfya Bible School Agricultural Teacher: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: March 3, 2011

Update from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


Since 2009 BHW has been financially supporting an agricultural teacher at Samfya Bible School.  Aaron teaches twice every week at the Bible school. He goes through the Agriculture Curriculum and does practical gardening with the students. He also overseas the poultry and demonstration garden.


Recent events


Aaron is overseeing the poultry project. They get day old chicks delivered - 120 chicks at a time each month. The chicks are kept for 6 weeks and then sold for meat. Aaron would like to see the number of chicks expand to 200/month. They do have the room for this. There is a good market for the chickens and they get sold within a few days. Last year’s profit was 23 million ZMK.


They have also planted maize over the wet season. Aaron has been trained but didn’t put all the knowledge into practice. The maize is weedy and not fertilized properly. Aaron did plant on time and used lime however. The maize could/should have been a great example for the students and the community.


Nicely mulched

Partnership influence within the community

Aaron has a chance to influence the 19 students throughout the year. If he can encourage them to support themselves when they leave the Bible school this will benefit each community they go to.

There is also a chance to show the students and the people of Samfya how to look after the land properly and grow fantastic crops. When the garden is up and running properly it is a great example for the people of Samfya and most importantly the students.

Aaron has been teaching for a term this year and the students have started to say to him that they now understand how they can support themselves.


Ideas for the future

1) Aaron would like to increase the size of the garden to having one for students and one for selling
2) He would also like to increase the amount of chicks he receives


Prayer and praise points

1) The poultry is going very well
2) The students he is teaching understand the importance of supporting themselves when they leave
3) Having agriculture being taught at a Bible school is a great thing. The students can come away with the knowledge of how to farm well.