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Report Date: March 25, 2011

Report from Azam Gill


Risal Pur
Lots of flour









On Saturday 5th March we visited Risal Pur Mardan Rd in NWFP with flood relief.  Our team this time consisted of myself, my wife Barbara, Eliza, Boota khan and a truck driver and his assistant.  We left our home at 8am in the morning and we didn't return home until 8.30pm.  I initially wanted to give the people blankets but my wife suggested we enquire of the people what they need.  Because the weather hasn't changed significantly and winter hasn't really come the people requested food rather than blankets. 

It was therefore decided to buy bags of flour to distribute as every household uses flour three times a day.  500 20kg bags of fine flour were ordered at a discounted rate of 585 Pakistani rupees per bag (total cost approx US$3,441) and distributed. 

Hard life
Much needed food









On 23rd March we again travelled to visit flood camps in three different places in NWFP.  This time the team consisted of myself, Barbara, Dolat khan, Mustfa and Rafeeq.  We distributed relief in:

1) Nowshera - there are almost 200 families there located in the city beside a river but there are other camps in other parts of the city as well. 

2) Akora Khattak city - there are approx 20 camps situated opposite a degree college

3) Iraqabad village in Akora Khattak - there are approx 20 camps here


Grateful lady 
Nothing left









In Noshera city we delivered 119 bags of flour then we came back to Akora Khattak city and village as they are not very far from each other.  In these areas we distributed 244 and 285 bags of flour respectively.  Some families were given two bags because there were 6-10 family members.  In these camps we saw sick people, old people, small children, pregnant women, young and old widows and orphans.  There was a lot of poverty.  Many people had no bed but were sleeping on the ground on very thin carpets.  10-15 families showed us their destroyed houses which they still were not able to rebuild.

A lot of the people were asking for financial assistance but we told them we only provided food or things to use, not money. 


Thank you so much for the financial support you are sending.  Glory be to God who enabled us to visit these flood camps.