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Report Date: February 14, 2011

Update from Patrick Mulenga


The Lord has been faithful in changing the lives of the boys and girls.  We are sure soon they will  be productive and able to support others as well.  It has been years of preparation.  We have taught them to walk, to dress, to speak, we have fed and educated them and above all the Lord has transformed their lives. 

From the moment you heard you have never stopped praying and supporting the work.  We are thankful to the Lord and to you.  We now have a team of young men and women in the church and you can see the difference compared to before.


Furthering their education


In 2011 we have one student at university and seven students at college:
Mario Nunguiane - second year university
Luis Muianga - final semester Accounting College - finishing April 2011
Julia Muianga - final year at Health Institute
Aulina Homo - first year of two year course in Business Management
Celso Muthombene - first year of two year course in Accounting and Auditing
Raimondo Muianga - first year of two year course in Accounting and Auditing
Florencia Mdolove - second year of three year lab technician course
Anabela Nhapulo - first year of two year teaching and administration course

We have seen these students grow, finishing high school and now they are in colleges.  They are all supported by Bright Hope World. 

In addition to feeding and educating the 60 children at our mission centre, we send 25 Grade 5 and 6 children to another school and also support Rafina Massango in Grade 12.


Thank you for your support.  You have touched and you continue touching many lives.

Patrick Mulenga