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Report Date: January 31, 2011

Report from Samfya Bible School


SBS was started by missionaries from the Christian Brethren Church in the 1960s, but is now a Zambian-led church ministry. The school has a unique vision for the training of rural full time church workers. A number of Bright Hope’s partners send church leaders to the school for training. These trained church leaders become an integral part of church and community development once they graduate.

Students with children


Recent events

2010 students

In 2010 there were 19 students - 5 couples, 6 single men and 3 single female students coming from the Copperbelt, Luapula, and Central provinces of Zambia. There were also 15 children - 9 were pre-school and enrolled at Kiddies Nursery and Pre-School, a school run by Agnes. 6 younger children were under the child care teacher who looked after them during class time. During the April holiday, the Lord blessed Mrs Besnart Mulubwa and Mrs Catherine Kunda with new born baby boys which brought the number of children to 17. 

4 units

The graduation took place on the 16th October, at Mwamfuli Church hall. Brother Steve Sanchez from Emmaus Bible College USA was the guest of honor. 18 out of 19 students graduated as one student dropped out. He decided to go back to his village to take care of his son who was reported to be sick.

2011 students

22 applications have been receivedfrom Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt provinces and all 22 applicants have been accepted for the 2011 academic year.

New student house

Much of SBS’s infrastructure is outdated and in need of repair. The School has set a plan in motion to replace many of its buildings. Through a number of generous gifts, SBS has begun construction of 4 new student housing units. One more student housing unit is still needed before the school moves on to Phase II of its building plan which will include a staff house and kitchen/dining hall.

Moving forward

Curriculum development

During a recent evaluation of past students, SBS decided that it was time to relook at its teaching curriculum. In the past the school primarily focused on providing a biblical foundations training. Recognizing the challenges faced by rural families and churches in regard to high levels of poverty, it was decided to expand the schools focus and begin equipping Christian workers with the skills needed to minister to the poor and needy in their communities. The school has maintained its biblical foundation but incorporated a variety of church based ministry courses as well.

generating income

Agricultural Development

SBS subsidizes 75% of the actual cost for students to attend the school. These subsidies are met through outside donations and through SBS taking steps towards making their programs more sustainable. One way the school is reducing feeding costs and generating income is by running a small teaching farm on campus. Students learn about and participate in farm management, taking home with them valuable livelihood skills.

In 2010 the teaching farm generated $4500 in profit. At present the farm consists of a ¼ hectare student vegetable garden and a small broiler unit. There are plans to add a layer unit and village chicken and duck


- Billy and Jenny Fuller have come on board as partners representing World Gospel Mission. 
- Mr Humphrey Magula came in to help with administrative work for two months to give him an understanding of the ministry responsibilities at the mission. Pray for God’s direction regarding their involvement (as a family) with the work at the Bible School. 
- Mr Chola and Mr Chomba went to South Africa for short courses. Mr. Chola did a one week leadership seminar while Mr Chomba has started a two year distance course in Biblical Counseling. In addition, he is also doing a short course in Expository Preaching. 
- Gabriel Chipili was sent to Mobile Mission Maintenance Vocational Training Centre in Ndola. He graduated in November last year and is currently helping in the maintenance department as a supervisor under Billy Fuller. 


Passion for teaching

Personal stories

Pheby Kasuba – Impact on Past Student
Pheby Kasuba graduated from Samfya Bible School in 1994. She lives in Samfya with her husband Justin. Pheby has a passion for teaching. She is highly sought after for women’s conferences and her teaching ministry extends beyond the CMML circle often being invited to speech at other denominational conferences.

Pheby is also a member of the Samfya Prison Fellowship. This group visits the prison in Samfya once a week, raising funds to provide the prisoners with food, soap and clothing. Pheby uses her teaching gift to share the gospel with ladies from the women’s ward. Last year 8 women gave their lives to the Lord as a result of the Prison Fellowship meetings. Pheby said that she attended Samfya Bible School because she felt compelled to learn God’s Word so that she could then teach others.


Prayer and praise points

1) Infrastructure at the school is in need of serious rehabilitation and new construction. Pray for continued financial support and skilled labor teams to complete the needed construction. 
2) The task of reviewing and revising the curriculum falls heavy on the 4 teachers at the Bible School. Pray for continued vision, strength and wisdom to complete the task. 
3) Students will be traveling to school and beginning classes the first week of Feb. Pray for safety for students and the families they leave behind for the year while following their call to full time ministry.