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Report Date: January 18, 2011

Update from Pakistan


New houses needed

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

We are thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ who provided us with finances for Northern areas. God makes it possible to reach the unreached areas of Northern Pakistan where no one has helped Christian families. Jahngera is a small village of Nowshrea and part of N.W.F.P province. There are not any Government or other relief organizations helping this village because it is a very small village. There are approximately 300 affected families and 50 are Christian families.

Still lots of needs

All organizations reach Noweshra and Peshawar and are supporting flood victims there.  Most victims’ families migrate from Jahngera to these cities but the Christians are not able to leave due to a lack of resources and finances so they stay in their broken and damaged houses and in tents. Mr Emmanuel Masih was working at Dawoo Bus Service but after three months was fired by some Muslims due to discrimination. Right now his daughter is working at Dawoo Bus Service as a bus hostess. She is their only source of income.  Many families are facing the same problems in Jahngera. Their children are educated and skilled in various things but do not have jobs. Their houses are damaged and destroyed with flood water.  They are still waiting for relief for their houses.

Relief parcels

I met with Mr Emmanuel in Nowshrea on my first trip.  He requested from me Christmas relief packages for 50 families. Rev. Manzoor Jalal, Pastor Edward, Sobal, Arif and Sulman is the team that took relief to Jahngera. We left Lahore early at 5:00 am and reached Mr Emmanuel's house at 2:00 o'clock. We took lunch and purchased all food items. Miss Hina made a list of the victims and took a signature (thumb print) with their National Identity card number. Rev. Manzoor, Arif and I distributed relief packages to the victims’ families. They are very glad and thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ as well as BHW and EGM Pakistan.

We have a limited budget in the month of December for flood relief ( food packages). We want to support 100 families but also intend to save some money for the reconstruction and rebuilding project which we are starting from January 2011.  Please pray for the flood victims families and stand with us in prayer for this project.

Pastor Edward Qaser