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Report Date: November 29, 2010

Report from Azam Gill in Pakistan



During the recent Muslim Festival we visited in Risalpur, NWFP-village. This village was 95% destroyed, many died, and many old women and young girls are still missing. This is a remote village and we were told that no assistance has arrived here since two months ago.

Personally I went into their tents and saw there was nothing for them to wear, to eat, to use (utensils). I saw old men, some widows, some sick people. It was terrible to visit their tents and see their desperate living. There were no baths, no food.

Azam with people

Our team this time was Jamshed, Boota Khan, Nijat Khan - local men who brought us to this needy village. I took money with me to buy groceries for their festival package.  When we saw the situation with the children, women and sick old people, we gave them the option if they wanted food or money to buy things themselves. We were told that it would be more useful if they could buy themselves some clothes, food, utensils, or medicine according to their needs. Then they introduced us to the 50 most affected and needy families.

Each family was given a gift of Rs. 4000 = US$50 and we promised to bring blankets for them within the next few days.

In Jesus name

Brother Azam