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Report Date: November 19, 2010

Still under water

Update on Pakistan


As you will be aware, in July of this year Pakistan suffered extreme flooding caused by record breaking rainfalls. This displaced thousands of families, leaving millions homeless. Due to an overwhelming response from our BHW family we have been able to send $54,000 to our partners in Pakistan. Initially they used these funds to help with urgent short term aid in the form of food and water. Approximately 1,000 families have been provided with 30-day food packages consisting of 2x20kg bags flour, 15 litres milk, 50 litres water, 5 sets of clothes, 8 kgs of grain and some fresh vegetables.


One of our partners has recently returned from Dadu, Badeen and Shahlatif towns in Sindh province. This area was so affected by the floods that these towns have become islands. They are still completely surrounded by water with no way in or out. The roads are all blocked (destroyed in fact) and there is still 4 feet of water in their houses so they are unable to return to their homes. The people are using boats to get to their houses and have no way to buy food items or work in other towns and villages. Their fields of rice, wheat and cotton are all still under water. 120 food packages were distributed to families in this area.

In addition to the devastation caused by the floods, Dengue fever is now also spreading in Punjab and Sindh provinces and many flood victim families are now suffering from this fever. 157 people have already died in Sindh province and more than 3,000 people are affected.  Many people here do not have tents, food or water.

New blanket

With winter approaching our partners are now starting to move into the medium term relief phase and are providing blankets and more clothes to those in need. There are still millions of people who are homeless so tents are also needed. To date 500 good quality double size blankets (and pillows) have been distributed and they aim to distribute 1,000 blankets before winter starts.

EGM Pakistan has decided to sponsor a village compromising of 100 houses that have been washed away by the floods. It is not possible for the government to provide relief to all the highly vulnerable displaced persons as the magnitude of the tragedy is too big for its scant resources and minority groups (particularly Christians) will be the last to receive help (if at all). EGM Pakistan have committed to helping this village rebuild these houses at a cost of US$650 per house.

Tent village

There is therefore still a great need for financial help for Pakistan! Less than half the money promised by the United Nations has reached Pakistan and Christians in particular are still suffering.

If you would like to help the flood victims in Pakistan (and particularly the Christians there) donations can be made directly into Bright Hope World's bank account:
Bank of New Zealand
Reference - Pakistan flood

Cheques can be sent to us at: 
PO Box 8928 
Christchurch 8440

All donations will be eligible for a tax rebate receipt and 100% will be forwarded on to our partners in Pakistan.