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Report Date: October 31, 2010

Update from the Mulengas October 2010

Beloved, greetings in the Lord’s name,
“Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe”.

Trip to Zambia

We are thankful to the Lord that you prayed for us. We were away for five weeks and on this trip we were only two. Patrick as a driver and Grace as assistant driver. 4,000 kilometres was ahead of us, from Maputo to Tete, Tete to Kasama, provincial capital of Northern Province of Zambia. Though most of the time we were outside the modern coverage of communication we enjoyed natural beauty such as rivers, water falls and beautiful landscapes within Mozambique and Zambia. We are thankful to the Lord for the prayer of the Saints and for the financial support. We needed to be away from Maputo for a good number of weeks for three reasons: first that the leadership in Maputo Assembly pick up the challenge of pastoral care, second that we should take the gifts given for Tete Assemblies, third to have a break. Thank you again you are a blessing to us.  May our almighty God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you in His work and your daily life.

Desperately needing food

We left Maputo on 17th August, heading for Tete province North of Maputo. After two days of driving and covering 1,600 kilometres Grace was unwell.  She had to stay behind in Tete town for two nights with a Christian couple Manuel and Luisa whom our late brother Author Hallett introduced us to in 1994. The most difficult part of the whole trip was 200 kilometres from Tete town to Dowa a famine stricken area.  The road is bad and it is an area where one would not want their car to break down - you may languish in the bush and loose your vehicle. The 200 kilometres took 5 hrs, it was a good achievement, as in June we took 6 hrs to accomplish the same distance. By God’s grace I made it to the village without encountering any problem with the vehicle.


Hospitality in the life of rural brothers of Africa is genetically in born. I ate what they had and the type of food to me was not an issue. The problem was, where to lay my head.  The floor was not friendly to me, I could not sleep except turning from left to right.  Facing the roof and counting iron sheets could not help. Sleeping on the floor without a foam mattress was an obstacle course.

300 families

On 19th August arrangements were made to buy maize grain from Malawi, 65 of 50kg bags of maize grain were bought. After waiting for a good 8 hours, at 3:30 pm dividing and distribution started. Before 9 pm we were done and three hundred (300) families received 10kg of maize each, they sung in jubilation as maize was being distributed. Please pray for the believers in the area, there is need for relief food until April 2011 when they will begin harvesting from their fields. It is due to 2009 drought in the area that has brought misery upon young and old.

The Mulengas

Finally after nine months I got my driver’s licence.  I travelled to Zambia where it took three weeks to be ready. Shula, after working together with us for a good seven years, has taken ten months sabbatical leave to do a course, meanwhile Mumba is writing his last paper finishing college by the end of October, praying for a job. Katongo finished as a chef last year and worked for two months but she could not get a work permit to work in South Africa. Twatasha is at Africa School of Mission for 2010 gap year, she is waiting to go for nursing training in 2011. The Lord saved us from sorrows.  While we were away on 4th September our youngest daughter Twatasha was hit by a car. She stayed in the hospital for a day but had no fractures except one of her front teeth was knocked out. She needs medical attention.  Pray for us. We are thankful to the Lord for sparing her life for us.

Our work permits have been paid for (Patrick & Grace) and are under renewal, they might be ready before the end of October. You may not be aware how much the government of Mozambique have increased the fees for renewing the permit for foreigners working in the country. The permits are renewable every year and it used to be $20 but has been pushed to $690 for each member of the family every year.

December 6th – 10th Holiday Club

Our Sunday school is big, the majority are orphans. We do everything to attract and win the children to the Lord. Every month 200 orphans under our care get maize grains which we got the WFO to provide. The children look forward for December Holiday Club, we have some who are above the age and coming up to youth group. We still maintain the number of 200 to attend December Holiday Club.  As long as HIV is on the increase orphans are in every street. I wish we could accommodate more than the number at hand.

Prayer requests 
- We need rice, fish, chicken, beans to feed 200 children for 5 days
- Soap, tooth brushes, ballpoint and pesos, school exercise books. It is the only time they get presents and feel loved, please pray that the Lord may provide through his people. 
- Pray for the team of 11 Christian young people coming from the Assembly in Port Elizabeth South Africa with Adrian as a team leader together with 16 young people from Maputo Assembly led by Luis and Mumba. 
- There will be teaching, singing, playing, counselling and showing them love.

Yours in Christ,
Patrick & Grace Mulenga