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Report Date: September 16, 2010

Update on Pakistan Flood Relief


Thank you so much for your donation to help the people in Pakistan. We have been overwhelmed with the response from our supporters to the dreadful plight in Pakistan and to date we have received approximately $40,000 in donations. Our partner in Pakistan is grateful beyond words and despite being busy delivering aid to various camps he has sent through a couple of emails outlining what they are doing.


In particular, Christian flood victims are facing many problems in Pakistan. On 30th August they had a press conference because of the discrimination to Christians and other minorities but Government institutions and Islamic organizations continue to discriminate against them. About 200,000 Christians in Punjab province and about 600,000 Christians and Hindus in Sindh province have been affected by the floods. Christians and members of other minority religions are being treated as second-class citizens. They often receive little assistance or are excluded altogether.

EGM Pakistan is targeting 19 villages of Sindh, NWFP and Punjab provinces. There are 1,820 victim families (Muslims, Christians and Hindu). Firstly they sent a team to survey what the immediate needs were and then they have gone and distributed relief packages. They are seeking to build relationships with people and when these people return home from the camps they will continue to strengthen these relationships and share God’s word with them. The areas they are working in are:
1) Kusar (near the Indian border)
2) Nowshear (near the Afghanistan border)
3) Thatta (lower side of south Pakistan)
4) Kotri (lower side of south Pakistan)


With the first lot of funds we sent, Pastor Qaser and his team went to two villages in Kusar where there are 370 Christian families who have lost everything. They were able to give 130 families 2x20 kg bags of flour, 15 litres of milk, 50 litres of water, 5 sets of clothes, 8 kgs of grain (rice and pulses) and some fresh vegetables. This relief package for each family should last one month and costs US$71 per package. As soon as funds are available they will return here to provide relief packages for the remaining 240 families. They have also arranged to have a medical camp in both these villages once a week.

“We saw the great destruction of Kusar village. Houses have been destroyed and people have pitched tents for living. It was very sorrowful to see that many people do not even have the tents and their children were crying for food. All the people were saying that no one has come to help them.

House destroyed

We went street to street and place to place where they were staying, some people were staying under open sky. Instead of gathering all the people at one place, we reached to each family ourselves. We distributed relief package in 130 families. When people were receiving the food bags they were cordially so much happy. I have no words to express their feeling of happiness. They were grateful to us but I told them we did nothing for them, this is done just because of our God and we should highly grateful to our Almighty God. People said to us that they will be praying to God for all of those people who have taken part in providing them food.” (Pastor Qaser)

In Nowshera there were 28 families living in a tent village who needed aid – 9 Muslim families and 19 Christian families. Each family here was given 20 kg flour, 2 kg rice, 2 kg cooking oil, 2 kg sugar, 2 bars soap and 2 bars laundry soap.

They have also distributed 30 day relief packages to 160 families in Peshawar and its villages. It is estimated that 70% of their crops, rice, cotton and sugar cane have been destroyed with flood water which has huge implications for the people there. EGM is seeking to find ways to buy food items for the next three months for people to store.

New village

On 18th September Pastor Qaser and his team are going to Thatta and Shaker where they plan to deliver 100 relief packages.

Kevin Honore, Bright Hope World’s Field Director, will be in Pakistan to visit Pastor Qaser on a trip arranged prior to the flood later this week. At this stage we have only sent half of the funds we have received and will send the remaining funds once Kevin has visited with Pastor Qaser and together they have discussed how this money will be best spent.

If you would like to view some video footage from Pakistan, Pastor Qaser has uploaded a couple of clips to YouTube which can be viewed via the following link: pastoredward2009

Once again, thank you so much for your very generous donation towards the flood relief effort in Pakistan. It is such a privilege to be able to partner with you to empower the Christians in Pakistan to reach out to their communities and provide much needed aid at this time.