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Report Date: July 17, 2010

Report from BHW Field Director

Very involved


Recent events


Unfortunately by the time we got to the Mulenga’s house it was too late to visit the children at the school as they finish at 11:30am. We therefore didn’t get to talk to the children or see the school in operation.

The school is still running in the church campus. They have had to lower the number of children in the school as rising prices has put them under severe pressure.  As the children went through the grades the intention was to add classrooms and grades to the school. However, without Shula there to oversee and run this, they have decided to send the children to another school when they get to grade 5.

The pressure of finance means they have also not been able to provide all the text books for the students. This last year they bought none and now they are under pressure as the year goes on. Some books go missing each year and also some get damaged.

They have also not been able to manage a consistent feeding programme for the children. Sometimes they go for two weeks without any funds for this. This has caused some issues with learning for the children and uncertainty for those working in the school. They have strived to ensure the teachers are all being paid so they don’t lose heart and give up. We suggested that they feed the children 3 days a week for every week rather than run out and they will consider this.

The existing project is $US8,800 per year for 3 purposes:
1. To supplement the income of the teachers and staff at the school who are volunteers. Most of them are the young people from the church who run the classes in the mornings and then study in the afternoons.
2. To provide food for the children so their capacity to learn is enhanced. Many get only one meal per day.
3. To provide text books and other material for learning to the students in the school and those who go to the other school when they reach grade 5.


Given a chance


Patrick and Grace have two small businesses operating from their home. Firstly, they have a sewing programme that one young woman is working in. Benilda is mute and was rescued by Patrick and Grace while a young girl. Unfortunately she has recently become pregnant to a married man who offered her money. This is a very frustrating place. Young people cannot dream of another way and the immediate benefit of money virtually always overwhelms their desire to say no.

Secondly, they have bought a commercial oven and two college girls bake around 400–500 buns every day. They sell them and from that support themselves through school. This provides employment for another woman who helps and for two Christian women who buy the buns and then sell them out in the community. They are looking at ways to expand this so perhaps another shift of people could do it in the afternoons and another group could be helped.


Personal stories

Young people in ministry

They have had a serious disappointment with one of their key young people Paulo. He had been brought up by the Mulengas and was very gifted, was being sponsored to University and was leading in the church. He spoke five languages and was very good at interpreting. However he was abusing some of the vulnerable young girls they were trying to help so had to be dismissed.

However, there are still some very good young people who have withstood temptation and who are making great strides in discipleship and maturity. Patrick and Grace see these young people as the key to the future of the work here. We met with a group of them and although they were very shy, they are really aiming high and doing well. Their stories are:

Good young people

Annabella Nyampulo

She came into the programme as a 15 year old, asking for help to go to grade 7. The first year she went into the sewing project and then into grade 8. While still at school she was helping with teaching the children in the mornings. She has graduated from school at an afternoon class. She so loves the children that she doesn’t go to school in the mornings. She is doing a computer course.

Her mother was murdered by her husband. He is still alive. There are 3 siblings. Patrick and Grace first got to know her through coming to Sunday School. She currently lives with her brother. Her course costs around $US200 per year and is a two year course. Currently all the money she gets from teaching at school goes towards paying for her study. 


Florencia Nyantumbo

Florencia is training to be a laboratory technician. All her siblings have died from HIV. Once she became a Christian her life changed, she was different from the rest of the family. Her mother, Laura, works at selling the buns from the project and she supports her studies from the sales. Laura is a very hard worker.

Laura does not earn a huge amount of money so they are under financial pressure. Her father disappeared five years ago and they don’t know where he is. From time to time Patrick and Grace help to pay her fees. She has finished the first year and has one more year to go. The course costs around $US220 which includes her transport money to get to the course. 


Julia Muyanga

Julia has been sponsored for 2010. She is doing a health science study and will be able to apply for jobs with the Health Department. Her course costs around $US1,000 per year. She requires sponsorship for one more year, 2011.

Her father died some years ago and she lives with her mother. She is the youngest child, her older siblings are married. She started coming to church after the death of the father. Her father was HIV positive and part of the Home Based Care programme. Julia heard about Jesus and the church at her father's funeral when Patrick spoke and she started coming after that. 



Mario is studying chemical engineering. He is being sponsored for 2010 from South Africa. The course costs around $US1,000. This is a five year course. There are extra costs as well for text books. He is a young Christian and although he was supposed to go to live at the course they decided not to send him there for the sake of his Christian life.

Mario and his two siblings were abandoned by their father. His mother is very old, his sister was killed in a car accident and his brother has become mentally challenged. When young, Marion stopped going to school but when he was found by Patrick and Grace they got him into school again. He had missed a few years but is very bright and quickly caught up what he had missed. He skipped at least two grades by applying himself. It is a miracle that he got into the course and that he is doing so well.


Luis Muyanga

He is the brother of Raimundo and has a father and mother. However his father is a polygamist and they don’t have the means to continue schooling. The father has left the country and now is in South Africa. Luis was not going to school but Patrick and Grace picked him up and he went through their school. He also taught at the school when he had finished.

He is very gifted as a speaker and leader. He wants to serve the Lord but Patrick and Grace are encouraging him to do some study before he does that. He wants to do accounting. Currently he is looking for opportunities for study.


Albertina Mabunda

Albertina is currently in grade 8 although she is 19 years old. She is one of the girls making buns and from the money she earns she pays her school fees. The amount she earns is not quite enough so Patrick and Grace subsidise the amount she requires. Her fees are around $US15/month but it will be going up again, approx $US200 per year.

She was born to a very old mother and the situation at home is very bad. The father has another woman and doesn’t care for the family. Her mother was not married to her father so the father is not around. There are 15 people living in the house and she is very vulnerable. She lives with her sister who belongs to a cult. Patrick and Grace thought of having her come to live with them but they just cannot manage it at the moment. 


Rofina Inoque

Her father died a long time ago from HIV and her mother died in about 2006. Rofina came into the programme through the school. She has had a very hard life and struggles to cope. She was staying with her uncle but now she is staying by herself. Patrick and Grace are encouraging her to find someone to live with.  She is in grade 11; she is 22 years old.

She is making buns to help with her school fees but really needs some subsidy for her fees to finish school. She often doesn’t have enough to eat but really struggles ask for help. 



Aulina is 22 and finished school two years ago. She failed one exam because she failed one subject so she is sitting another subject to be able to pass. She wants to be a teacher or accounting. She has taught in the church school and has a real gift.

Aulina’s mother is a teacher and she helps her with her teaching at the school and currently helps with the church school. She lives with her mother, her father died when she was young. Her mother was very sick for many years and everyone thought she was HIV+. She was very close to death but she survived and recovered. Her mother is a baptised believer and is very keen for the Lord. 


Raimundo Muyanga

Raiamundo is the younger brother of Luis. He is really gifted as a speaker and loves prison ministry. He has finished Grade 12 and wants to study management or administration. It would be very useful for him to be able to study and stay in the area to be involved in church life and ministry.


Ideas for the future

Scholarship programme for school leavers 

There are about 10 of them that require some assistance each year (see Personal Stories).  Some are doing degrees that cost around $US1,000 per year for others it’s an amount of around $US150 required to get a driver’s licence which means they have an opportunity to get driving jobs and they can be a help to Patrick who currently has to do almost all the driving for everything.

We interviewed 9 of these young people and if they can continue in their current training or go to what they want to do there is almost guaranteed employment for them. Very few of their peers get the opportunity for training and few get out of their difficulties and into good jobs.

Goat breeding

They would like to establish a goat breeding flock which would be based out at the farm of one of the elders of the church. Some of the goats will be used to help families that have the capacity to rear them and they will repay the goats they get to the project. The other goats will be sold to support the students. As the income from the flock increases, the amount we put into supporting the students will be diminished.

Guinea fowls

The production of guinea fowls as an income generator for the wider ministry. 


Current issues and challenges

We spent quite a bit of time talking to Patrick and Grace about the issues they are facing in terms of ministry here in Machava. They seriously miss the involvement of their daughter Shula and her input into the school work.

In the last couple of years the local currency has devalued by 50% against the $US which is putting increased financial stress on them.