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Report Date: April 27, 2010

2010 First Semester News from Samfya

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. We want to thank God for His mercies which are new every morning. We also want to give you an update of the school activities for the first semester 2010. We trust you will be encouraged to pray for the work at Samfya Bible School as you read this quarterly news from us.


New group

2010 Intake

The school opened on 1st of February after the Evangelist and Full Time Workers Seminar. Again the seminar provided an opportunity for us to fellowship, network and provide mutual encouragement between the staff and seminar participants, many of whom were past graduates of our school. We had in total 90 participants coming from the Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula Provinces during our usual one week seminar.
We continue to thank God for giving us 19 students this year. We have 5 couples, 6 single men and 3 single female students coming from the Copperbelt, Luapula, and Central provinces of Zambia.

Children of Bible School Students

We have 15 children. 9 of them are Pre-School and currently enrolled at Kiddies Nursery and Pre-School, a school run by Agnes. 6 younger children are under the care of teacher Chipampe Kalumba who looks after them during class time.

Fees for this year

Single Student K200,000 per term
Married Couples K300,000 per term
Children 2-7 yrs K25,000 per term

The students are currently on a two week break and we commence the second semester on 1st May 2010.


New Developments

Poultry Project

The school poultry project is up and running. We have been able to raise and sell 300 chickens so far. The demand for broilers seems to be high in Samfya. We have also been able to supplement the school cafeteria with some of the chickens raised. Mr Aaron Kosamu, the new agriculture teacher is working extra hard in managing both the poultry and the garden. He is being helped by students who are also spending part of their time in the garden and poultry house.

Demonstration Garden

This year we plan to grow various types of vegetables including rape, Chinese cabbage, onions and tomatoes. 

Bore Hole

The 22 metre deep borehole we sunk last year dried up however with the help of John Laing Trust and World Gospel Mission we have been able to sink a 45 metre deep new bore which is catering for the water needs of the school.

New Team Members

We celebrate the coming on board of the following new team members
• Billy and Jenny Fuller
• Aaron and Aliness Kosamu - Aaron is the new agriculture teacher
• Chipampe Kalumba – the day care teacher


Current issues and challenges


We still have the infrastructure challenge. Most of the buildings on campus were constructed in the 1940's and to be honest these buildings have gone past their life span.

Finalising the New Curriculum

For the past two years we have been developing a new curriculum for the school. We hope to do our final touches this year so we can implement it next year.


Future plans

Development of real estate: In our quest to improve the general outlook of the school we have embarked on infrastructure development. We anticipate EMI of Uganda coming to help us with an overall master plan.


Short term mission teams/visitors

We were happy to announce the coming of the following teams/individuals to our school:
1. We had Allan and Sheila Park visiting and teaching in February. We enjoyed time together with these brethren. 
2. We anticipate Donald Stevenson, his wife Gwen and their daughter Katie in June. Besides teaching at the Bible School Donald will also be involved in other ministries of the school.
3. We have two medical teams coming from the USA. The first team is schedule to come during the second week of May.
4. EMI Team from Uganda in September. They will help with a master plan for the school.


Prayer and praise points

Pray for:
• The students as they settle in their new environment especially as they seek to raise funds for their college fees and those of their children
• The faculty as we develop and refine the second year course
• The financial needs of the school particularly in our quest for infrastructure development

Praise Items:
We thank God for all our partners and their continued support to the Bible School
• Bright Hope World
• Bright Hope USA
• John Laing Trust
• World Gospel Mission
• Woodside Church in Canada
• Riverbend Bible Church in New Zealand 


May the Almighty God bless you all.

Chibu Kasoma
Samfya Bible School