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Report Date: March 17, 2010

Update received from Niranjan 


Front entrance

Recent events


The Clinic has been running since last September.  The building has been completed and only the compound gate has to be fixed. We ordered this about six months back but the iron workshop is delaying.  Their excuse is power cuts because we are having 10 hour power cuts in a day in Nepal. I hope they will fix it this week. There is now on average 15-20 people visiting the clinic on a daily basis. 

Most of the villagers are really thankful to us, a couple of families have been baptized and two people are now in discipleship training. 

Villagers are coming to the clinic when they are in a serious condition but otherwise they don't come. Some poor parents don't take care of their children, even when their children are sick. I was recently told that some political leaders want medicine in credit which we can't offer them. Another thing is the lack of a general lab. We realize examinations are never complete without proper investigation in the Lab. In future, we need a simple lab for testing stools, urine and blood. 

We are handling almost everything like family planning, gynaecology, general, children and others.

flood victims

We want to do more than this; we are not totally unsatisfied but hoping to do the best with this clinic. Flood victims and the poor are mainly getting benefit from this clinic so we stopped charging a registration fee, but we are getting some bonus medicine from medical suppliers. We have a Nepali famous saying that says "mind your throat before swallowing a thing". So we have recruited a medical supervisor as full time staff and a pharmacist, nurse, cleaning lady and doctors as part time workers. However we are still struggling to cover our administration cost with outcomes of the clinic. 



In terms of farming we are doing well. We have recently harvested mustard seeds and we earned about Rs. 14,590 as net income. Out of this we used 50% in the evangelism and discipleship program and 50% has gone to the resource centre. Maize is growing at present beside some vegetables like tomatoes, chillies, beans etc.

Ready for harvest

We have completed the first stage of a deep well, digging as much as we can and now we are ready to go for a deep borehole. Still we need enough electric power to pull the water otherwise it may take several days and thecost will be little high. I am hoping this work will be completed by the end of March. 

We are really excited to develop another farm, this other farm is good for paddy rice, and fish plus chicken (in a big scale) farming because these can be done together. 

We are planning to do another water well as a loan scheme project.


Loan Schemes

A woman in town got assistance and she has been giving training to another three women at her work place. We also started another sewing business in Tikapur about 670 kms west from Kathmandu among the believers of a newly planted church.


Lots of supplies

Ideas for the future

Rasirang Pastors

Today I had a meeting with our pastors from Rasirang about 80 kms east from Nawal Parasi and 1 hour walking distance from the last base centre. These people are involved in goat farming. They want more goats, about 130 goats in the beginning, because they don't have any income source. According to them, their fields are very fertile for beans and pineapple. Pineapples are being imported from India into Nepal. We have many churches in different parts of the country and in each church area we need developed farms. 

Business Development

1) We are planning to establish a rice mill (electric machine which removes paddy's cover and we get white rice) in the Nawal Parasi area because there is no good rice mill. 
2) Two selling stores at the town near the bridge (Nawal Parasi) and another in Kathamandu. Agricultural products will be sold from these stores. 
3) Nepal is famous for tourism, thousands and thousands of tourists from India and other countries are visiting our country. As a tourism business, we are planning to build a small guest house and seminar hall in Kathmandu. This seminar hall can be used for the church service in the weekend.


Current issues and challenges

Please do pray for our new churches.  The churches are growing but we are struggling to manage them, especially leadership development and church mangement. If you have any materials or mentors on these subjects, we would like to be equipped further in these ministry skills.