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Report Date: March 3, 2010

Email received from Patrick and Grace Mulenga 


Dear Praying Friends

Thank you for your support and prayers.  It is marvelous to pray for each other, it is great, fulfilling and rewarding to see God alongside of those who seek His face.  As a team together in God's vineyard we would like to share with you what has been happening the past few weeks.

We thank the Lord for the lessons in faith, we have learnt to live by faith each and every single day of our service. He has been teaching us over the past few weeks. Four of our less privileged boys and girls have received scholarship for first year in college meanwhile Twatasha Mulenga left without sponsorship, yet not without God's fantastic provision of our daily needs.

We were able to give out a good number of Emmaus Bible Correspondence Courses in December and January. So far few courses are left from what Christine Hallet helped get printed, but we are trusting God for His best plan, and trying not to be in a hurry. We are in need of thousands of Emmaus Bible Correspondence Courses, the Lord has opened the door of taking the Word into prisons we should not let go. To the Assemblies and faithful prayer partners we need the Lord to move some one and help in financing the printing of Portuguese courses.

We are thankful to the Lord for the young men Mario and Luis who are able to handle the Word of God with fear and in the power of the Holy Spirit, while Anabela, Florencia, Celso and Raimundo are dedicated to Sunday School children. This is a team of amazing young Mozambicans with the seal for the Lord, they are worthy of your prayers. It has taken a good number of years to come to this stage, please pray for them that they may not be enticed by those who go around and reap were they never planted. We began with them as Sunday School children, at present they are doing college and involved in Bible teaching and preaching.


Prayer Requests

Patrick urgently needs a driver’s license, the one at hand expired last December. Shula and Mumba who were driving dad around have left and it is getting impossible for Grace to take Patrick around for daily activities because Grace has a full programme at hand every day.

Patrick has two alternatives, one to continue waiting in Maputo on a long list of driver’s tests which goes with corruption, second alternative is to take a three days journey to Zambia by bus and get his license renewed, the second one can be done any time, pray for God's provision for a round trip ticket.

Yours in Christ,

Patrick & Grace Mulenga.