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Report Date: March 3, 2010

Harvest Partnership - Prayer Requests Feb/March 2010


Harvest Partnership

1. Thank God for the group of men who guide the ministry on the Harvest Partnership Board and others we are able to consult with to determine God’s will
2. Praise God for His provision of faithful prayer partners, financial partners and partner churches.
3. We praise God for his continual provision inspite of the home-call of many stalwart supporters! We pray that God will replace them to meet every opportunity in 2010.
4. Pray that God will witness to those in the homelands who need to partner with us


Pray for Kenya

1. Mombasa, Kenya Coast: The Agano la Bwana church is learning not to leave everything to the pastor and that their house meetings are for evangelism and discipling not just fellowship and repeating a Sunday service program. Pray as that develops. Pray for Mody to come to Christ.
2. Mariakani, near Mombasa: Pray for the village churches of Pastor William and that we will be able to get to help them in 2010.
3. Tala, 90 minutes from Nairobi: Praise God for the 25 in the recent seminar organised by Robert Gitau and that some of those trained were converted and disciples from churches started after the last training. Pray for the rural churches who plan to multiply. Pray for the 7 leaders from the Machakos mountain churches led by David Muli who encourages them.
4. Kimathi, Nairobi: Eugene, Fredrick, Wickliffe, Alex, Meshach and Ken are young men aged from 17 to 28. They want to reach the young people in their areas by using house churches, starting with 3 groups. They will be guided by Pastor Muthui who leads the work at Kimathi chapel and schools outreach. Pray for these develop dynamically.
5. Near Kimathi: Our friends Marco Wakuze and Ishmael Okuku work in slums near Kimathi. Marco already has a church building and Ishmael is working amongst slum children and youth and is ready to start an Assembly. We plan to help them in 2010.
6. Mathare Valley, Nairobi: This slum has up to 1 million people in it. Our seminar represented 4 established churches, but was disturbed by many trials including half the learners being called away on day 2. Pray that those the Lord would use in CPM to be encouraged to do the work and be fruitful. Pray that Pastor Rheuben will know from God who and how to encourage and support.
7. Haruma, Nairobi: Pray for Pastors Rheuben and Mathew in their vision of using the small Haruma church to plant a church in every one of the tall housing buildings in their area. Some may house up to 300 people per building.
8. Kisumu: Our friend Pastor Bob has been through deep waters. They have been able to replace the tent for a sheet-iron building. Visitors always get joined to a house church for fellowship, understanding of the gospel and discipleship. From an outreach in December 4 new house churches were begun. On the Plateau their friends we trained are seeking to help youth reach youth through the Polytech of 500 students next door. Pray for them as they begin. Bob reports that the Kisumu Worship Centre has started 4 house church outreaches – one of these is struggling. Pray for their outreach vision.
9. Kenya needs an experienced co-ordinator.


Pray for Uganda

We have requests this year to help with seminars in Busia, near the Kenya border; Jinja on the Nile; Kampala the capital, and in West Uganda on the way to Burundi. Pray that plans will work out: that the churches already using the training will continue and that the new contacts will be seriously called of God and desire to be equipped and ready to apply.


Pray for Rwanda and Burundi

1. Many churches worldwide are pouring resources into Rwanda particularly – but may they encourage African style church planting rather than western church systems!
2. May we know how to encourage the Evangelical Friends Church and the Good News Churches and be directed to others ready to be active we should help.


Pray for South Africa

1. Pray for Sipho Mosea and the Slovo township church, east Johannesburg. We plan for a seminar this year!
2. Pray that we will know if we should help others in South Africa. God must open doors!
3. Pray for Patrick Mulenga and the Machava church, Mozambique as they move from meeting for prayer to actual outreaching house churches.
4. Pray for the 2010 timing of a seminar at the Bible College with Mutita Kazimoto in Pemba Mozambique in a mainly M•slem area. We will follow up those trained earlier.
5. We also have an invite to help friends in Zambia. Time is the big question!


Blessings and thanks 

The Harvest Team