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Report Date: January 23, 2010

Principal's Report


“But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isa 40:31 NKJV) 

We begin this year with a renewed strength to continue to serve Him amidst many challenges ahead. We are grateful to God for his abiding presence in all situations. Indeed He is our strength and refuge. We present to you an overview of the year 2009. We trust you will be encouraged to pray for the work and the workers at Samfya Bible School as you read this news from us.


Recent events

2009 Intake

The school opened on 4th February after the Evangelist and Full Time Workers Seminar. We had in total 90 participants coming from the Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula Provinces during our usual one week seminar.
We continue to thank God for His mercies and for bringing to our school 20 students last year, 8 of whom were couples, 1 single man and 3 female students coming from the Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Children of Bible School Students
We also had 14 children - 10 of these were pre-school and 3 were in basic school. During the course of the first term we lost the son of the Kabesa’s, a couple that came from Mpeshi, south of Samfya. This child died from chronic anaemia and spleen enlargement.

2010 Intake

We received 26 applications and we have accepted 22 students for 2010. We thank God for the increase in student enrolment.

New Team Members

We have Bro. Aaron Kosamu who joined us in December last year. Bro. Kosamu is married to Agnes and they have five children namely: Royda, Frank, Joel, Steward and Nossia. Bro. Kosamu is in charge of the school farm. Pray for this family as they settle in this new environment. 

We are anticipating Billy and Jenny Fuller to join us at the end of February this year God willing. 

We have sent Bro. Gabriel Chipili to Mobile Mission Maintenance Vocation Training Centre for an intensive course in Construction Management.


Mission Clinic

The Samfya Bible School Clinic received funding from Willow Creek Community Church and began operations in September 2008. The initial intent for the clinic was to be an income generation activity for the Bible School. Clients attending the clinic are required to pay a visitation fee and pay for the costs of the drugs prescribed to them. The clinic is staffed by a full time nurse and part time clinical officer. The attendance at the clinic got off to a slow start but by January 09 the attendance started to pick up and has shown a pattern of increasing attendance through June of 2009. The pattern of pharmaceutical sales has shown a similar pattern of increasing income.

Supporting HIV Clients

In March 2009 the Bible School Clinic took on the responsibility of providing medical support to 100 HIV+ clients from SCCP. Previously SCCP provided this care for their clients; however they neither had the medical staff or the legal license to provide medical support to their clients. SCCP’s clients now have free access to the medical staff and the pharmacy for any ailments they may have. Currently, the clinic is treating an average of 20 clients per month. SCCP contracted the clinic for their services. The amount they pay covers the cost of the medicines used by the clients and provides some overhead for the clinics operations.

Challenges faced by the Clinic

• Staffing the clinic with only one medical staff member has been a bit of a challenge. Particularly when she wants leave time, or even when she has to step out of the clinic for a few minutes during the day.
• Maintaining a steady flow of drugs has also been a bit of a challenge, the clinic needs to work on developing a steadier flow of drugs and medical supplies.


Short term mission teams / visitors

We thank God for the following people and teams which visited and helped the school in various areas:
1. Mark Davies (Scotland) who taught Pneumatology course in September
2. Donald and the team (Riverbend Bible Church, NewZealand) Donald took students through Pastoral Theology. Other team members were involved in practical work at the mission station. The team and some of the staff members visited some of our past students in their areas of ministry.
3. Murray Grindlay (NewZealand) came as a visiting teacher. He took students through the book of Acts.
4. Allan Park (Scotland)
5. We had two medical teams from the USA. We had the first come in May and the second one in September. Both teams were involved in the medical work at our Mission Clinic. In addition, they also donated drugs and surgical products to the school.


Future plans

1. This year we are expecting medical teams from the US and EMI from Uganda. EMI will help us come up with the master plan for infrastructure development of the Mission station.
2. Relocating the student hostels to the proposed new site
3. Poultry Production - have just received the first 100 chicks
4. Sinking of the new borehole on site
5. Strengthening our relationship with Samfya District Health Office as we develop the clinic (especially on Clinic Staff secondment to our Mission Clinic)


Prayer and praise points

1. The new students as they prepare to come next month 
2. Financial needs of the school particularly in our quest for infrastructure development 
3. The anticipated new team members. Billy and Jenny Fuller as they prepare to come next month 
4. The Kosamus’ as they adjust to our environment 
5. The work on the demonstration farm and the poultry 
6. Mr Chipili who is on study leave 
7. The EMI team of Uganda as they plan to come and help us come up with a master plan for the overall infrastructure development of the Mission Station