Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: October 13, 2009

Update received on Tino and Nelda Villaroel


Tino is teaching a module at the Facultad Biblica Bible School in Bolovia, the second to last one in the year, "Marriage and Family". It is placed near the end of the year on purpose for obvious reasons. Tino does a great job. Most of the printed material available is from North America. There are lots of good principles but it comes in a foreign cultural package with examples that are strange to most of the folks here so Tino explains it and illustrates it in the Bolivian context. Teaching the course amounts to 30 class-hours plus homework and exams. 

Nelda does the purchasing for the kitchen. Our cook came down ill and Nelda picked up the slack fixing meals a few days with some help from the students. Her mother's health is failing so that has kept her busy lately too.

Tino maintains monthly weekend visits to two different towns where small assemblies are beginning to meet and grow. The Bible school students went with him last weekend for a gospel outreach effort in Monteagudo, about a third of the way to Sucre, West from Camiri into the Andes.

When classes end this month Tino and Nelda are invited to take special meetings in Northern Argentina. This is the third year running. It is encouraging to see how Tino has developed his gift for public speaking. Not only his delivery, but his content. He is one of the few Bolivian brethren who is a reader and a student of the Word.