Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: October 28, 2009

Update received on Octavio and Justina Alavarez


Octavio and Justina are planning their oldest daughter's wedding for the end of this year. Gady is marrying Fabio, a man who is heading up the work in a church in a town north and west from here. A Swiss-German missionary couple turned it over to him when they left the country some months ago. He also is managing a hog ranch; he has a degree in business administration.

Now that the work is established again in Villamontes - elders have recently been recognized - Octavio has a great desire to step back a little from the local pastoral work and finish his original goal. He wants to reach every hacienda (home) in the Bolivian Chaco, all the way to the border with Paraguay and Argentina. He is praying for a motorcycle, trouble is, Honda 250s have become awfully expensive and used ones are hard to find. The market is inundated with cheap Chinese motorbikes but you would want something larger and more reliable to tackle a work in the Chaco.

All three girls are involved in the Lord's work. Their son, (#4) José, accompanies congregational singing with the guitar, beginning to take his father's place in that ministry.