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Report Date: May 24, 2009

Report provided by Mark Mattix, US missionary in Bolivia

Recent events

Villamontes Church

The church in Villamontes is finally looking pretty good. Octavio has been closely discipling half a dozen men. They signed the letter of invitation along with him as "colaboradores". The assembly is seeking the Lord's will about recognizing elders, some or all of these men. 

Octavio was so disappointed when he first moved to Villamontes. He suffered a number of illnesses - especially haemorrhoids - which kept him from fulfilling his main goal and desire of continuing the extension of the gospel from ranch to ranch to the southern end of the Bolivian Chaco. (He had already worked out from Boyuibe as far as the Paraguayan border and a long ways south and that was the main reason they moved to Villamontes.) However the Lord was evidently in it because Octavio and his family have made a huge contribution to the assembly in town. Since he has not been able to travel much they just worked intensively there. That church is now a serious going concern.

New church plant

Tino and Jaime are working on a church plant in Monteagudo, to the West of Camiri. The Christians there invited Octavio to preach at a conference there and then he was invited to minister at some other events in that area.



Octavio's oldest daughter, Gady, is nearly done with her college studies and is planning to get married later this year to a good man, Facultad Bíblica alumnus. Kari did a year at FB then took vocational training in Villamontes and is working there. The third daughter, Kandy, is studying in Villamontes in a college extension programme and is still very active in gospel outreach with childrens' clubs. His son, José, 14 plays guitar, helps in the meetings and is faithful in attending.  All of their children are baptized and involved in the work.

Justina still suffers from respiratory problems related to a dust allergy. This is what hinders them from even considering a return to Boyuibe. They left their house there and moved into a clapboard - I want to say "shack" - beside the chapel in Villamontes where they have suffered serious temperature extremes. Just recently the church in Villamontes has built two nice brick rooms which they are now occupying.


Ideas for the future

At the workers/elders' Bible Study Course at the farm a week ago Octavio shared with me his renewed desire to finish his original goal of reaching the whole Chaco with the gospel. He would like a motorcycle - I guess he's feeling well enough to ride again - in order to penetrate all the lanes and trails. 


Current issues and challenges

They have rented out the house they built in Boyuibe and a Christian native Guaraní family is living there. However unfortunately the man is suffering from advanced chagas and is unable to work. As a result they haven't been able to pay their rent for at least two months and I'm sure this has added some stress to Octavio and Justina's economy.