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Report Date: January 1, 2010

Report received from Patrick and Grace


Every day we count many blessings, especially during this joy-filled season we are reminded just how much we have to be thankful for.

Because of the incredible compassion of partners like you during this past year, together we have been able to:
• Serve the Lord in Mozambique, taking the gospel to prisoners
• Emmaus Bible correspondence courses are given out in big numbers
• To feed and care for the fatherless and motherless
• Teaching and sending orphans to school
• Four of our young adults graduating from Bible School
• 170+ orphans attending December holiday club
• And much more seeing lives transformed to the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ 
Holiday club leaders
Holiday club leaders


Recent events

Holiday Club 8-12 December 2009

It has become a tradition to end the year with a holiday club and this year's holiday club was one filled with fun, excitement and loads of competition.  It was a memorable and challenging time.  175 orphans attended along with 21 volunteer leaders who were dedicated to teach the Bible, singing, run games etc.  We are thankful to the Lord for the team of volunteers who gave themselves to serve the children. They demonstrated love and care for the children, some cried with the children. The team composed of five nations, 3 were from South Africa, 1 from U.S.A., 4 from Zambia, 2 from U.K. and 11 from Mozambique. 
So exciting!
Brand new school bag

We also had five different cooks for each of the five days.  At the end of the five days each child was given a school bag with toiletries and a holiday club T-shirt which they got at the beginning of the holiday club. The older children also got a mathematical set.  We would have loved to give them all a blanket as well but this wasn't possible this year.


There was silence and sadness across the faces of 175 children, 21 volunteers and the cooks when Shula, our daughter, bade farewell as that was her last holiday club.  She will be going to South Africa to work before going for one year of studies.  Shula has been the driving force for the past three years for the holiday club and has also been overseeing our school ministry.

Grace with three graduates
Exciting day!

Bible college graduates

Four of our young adults graduated from Bible school on 5 December 2009.  The photo shows Grace (third from the left) with three the graduates - Julia Muianga second, Luis Muianga fourth and Anabela. 

Prison Ministry

Putting criminals behind bars is good for a moment but when they come out they are a super criminal because they have learnt more ways while in prison.  Put the Word of God in the hands of a criminal and he comes out changed, respectable and a God fearing man.  That's what the prison ministry and Emmaus Bible Correspondence courses is all about.  In a small way the Word is getting into prisons and many so called criminals are studying the Word.  Please pray for provision of a good number of Portuguese and Shangana Bibles.

2010 Schooling

This year we have 134 orphans in school:
1) At our Mission Centre - 106 children in Grades 1-4
2) At another school - 19 children in Grades 5 & 6
3) At high school - 3 children in Grades 9-11
4) At college - 6 young adults


Ideas for the future

We have had some land offered to us by the council and are looking into the possibility of building a bakery which would help support the work in Maputo and beyond.


Current issues and challenges

We have three girls and three boys who have gone through Grade 12 and need sponsorship to colleges.  Please pray for them: Aulina would like to go teaching, Florencia laboratory technician, Anabela computer programmer (girls), Luis, Mario and Reumundo (boys) are also hoping to be in colleges before the end of February. 

There is also the need to train four young women for our school at the mission centre and we need one local person to take Shula's place. 

Proud of new T shirts
Holiday club children in new T shirts

Prayer and praise points

1) For the 170+ orphans that attended the Holiday Club, for the Bible lessons they learnt and the friends they made
2) For Shula as she heads to South Africa - that God will guide and direct her as she adjusts to the changes ahead
3) That we will be able to find a suitable person to replace Shula to oversee the school ministry
4) That sponsorship will come in to enable the six young people to attend college
5) For wisdom and guidance in regard to setting up the bakery
6) For provision of Bibles for the prison ministry
7) For God's ongoing provision throughout 2010


Project manager's comments

Many thanks to Bright Hope World who have supported the project even in a time of world financial difficulties.  We are thankful to the Lord for you.