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Report Date: January 13, 2010

Abel’s Ministry and Personal Plan 2010


Ministry plan

We praise God for all the progress that has taken place in the East of the Congo through the effort of workers. As years go the work grows as well and the responsibilities increase as we will have to target new areas, train new churches and denominations.

Since these two last years, we have observed that many churches in our communities are growing in using negative Gospel of the Lord Jesus and leaders are happy to teach on Church Planting to their members but they ignore the essence of the meaning of the Church planting and what is the cost of commitment they shall take to accomplish their vision. They ignore that Church Planting is not an end but a dynamic process or a movement. 

During this year I would like to help and train leaders from various churches and denominations then many will discover that the Church Planting Movement requires clear vision for a target people or area, courage, passion, sufficient CPM skills and strategies and good coordination of the activities in the field and a great leadership as well. 

Therefore, leaders will have new vision of CPM and after the training they will be able to multiply by applying church planting methods (in their daily meetings, when they share and learn the Word of God, they will develop fellowship and then growing in their walk with Jesus.) They discover that churches should be active and shall have a purpose of using homes as a basis. 


My expectation 

In 2010 we will be busy to select and train leaders who will go through the complete seminar. If God wills we would like to organise a 7 day seminar every month in different areas. 

- We plan to train 600 new potential leaders in the region [Uvira, Bukavu, Goma and villages] who will be able to establish or to plant simple churches, to train others and to multiply according the New Testament leadership model which was built on how to apply the Holy Spirit gifts. Acts 2:42-47. 

- We will encourage (encourage local churches to focus on how they will saturate their communities with house churches), mentor and follow up leaders who were already trained for them to be more effective as they should disciple others. 

- We will help leaders to be able to introduce their church members to apply the personal soul winning, group evangelism and to disciple new believers. 

- We will encourage in their Bible Reading [personal and group Bible reading in the house church].


Personal plan and home arrangements 

When we arrived in Bukavu I was a bit disappointed by the man who should be my new landlord as he could not wait until the end of January and I have found that he gave the house to another person who was ready with the money. 

Praise God that this morning I visited another new house at $120 per month and we talked with the owner who is asking us to pay 6 months before as guarantee. Please pray for God's provision. I am confident to God that He will be able to provide for this amount as soon as we need this new house.


Prayer requests

• Please pray that God will strengthen us and help us to see our dream for the work become a reality during this year
• Pray that God will provide for the house rent money [$720 for 6 months]
• Pray that God will open provide for our home furniture as well


Thanks and abundant blessings.

Abel N’zoa