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Report Date: December 22, 2009

Report received from Ray of Hope Society


Greetings! A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010

Training pastors

As you are aware, we have been focusing on sustainable ministry and on equipping National Shepherds for effective local church ministry and we always look forward to working with you for the glory of God in the following years. We do pray that the Lord should continue to supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Jesus Christ as you continue to serve Him faithfully. Please keep us in your prayers as we join hands with you. We have committed ourselves to give more time for the ministries of TROHS and we assure you that we'll do our best to be there for you with respect to the ministries of TROHS.


Recent Events


Praise the Lord that we have trained 111 local pastors and leaders in the year 2009 in partnership with local Bible schools and churches, and 19 new trainers have been trained in teacher training workshops in 2009.
A total of 29 local churches and Bible schools in different parts of Nepal have partnered with us throughout this year.

New clinic

Income Generation

We have started a small clinic at Nawal Parasi. We developed community farms in different places of the country. We have also started a scheme called BIG N world, it is a business effort to generate income for our ministry.

Local income details: 
Sep’09 (only 10 days): Rs. 2768
Oct’09 (27 days) :Rs. 11,163
Nov’09 (26 days) : Rs. 9014 

8 kattha (1423.76 sq ft): 1286 kg
17 Kattha (3025.49 sq ft):4835
We are preparing to deliver this rice to Kathmandu for selling from our store. 

Resources centre (Loan Scheme): Rs. 3580/- 

Doctors office


Ideas for the future

In this dry season, we are ready to dig a deep well for enough water resources with local technology which is cheaper than others.


Prayer and praise points

- The new clinic and agriculture farm
- Training and church planting ministry
- Business


Fertile land

Project manager's comments (Niranjin Adhikary)

Nepal is now responsible for ministry in Nepal and we thank Bright Hope World and Global Development Group from whom we have been getting financial support for our projects. We thank Fe and Carey from Global Development Group and James and Nicky from New Zealand who have recently visited and encouraged us.

However we have found it necessary to raise financial support for our ministry locally. As you know, most of our pastors, leaders and believers’ income source is agriculture. Many Nepalese churches are surrounded by fertile lands from where our ministry expenses can be richly raised. Many of our graduates, pastors and leaders are really unswerving to support us locally. This is the time that our 'beggar' mentality must be thrown away and we must start supporting ourselves because our Lord promised us: ‘I am with you always, to the end of the age”.