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Report Date: November 11, 2009

Report from Seberino Malimba Soriano

I have dedicated 80% of the time that the Lord has given me busy in the ministry of sharing the gospel of salvation. I have been preaching the gospel in various places, mainly in the province of San Pablo. There are 28 churches and I haven’t had time to get to them all because 40% of my time I need to prepare the studies I am doing with God’s help.

Every time that I arrive at the churches there are people new converts to the Lord and there are baptisms. I am encouraged to continue preaching the word of my Lord and my desire is to continue preaching to many people about salvation.

Friends, I am very grateful in the name of the Lord for your financial support and your prayers. This helps to sustain me and my family and many times we pass through difficult times.

Thanks to the Lord and everyone of you for your support. May God bless you. Along with this short report I would like to pass on greetings from my family.

May God be with you, thank you for your understanding.

Seberino Malimba Soriano