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Report Date: November 11, 2009

Report from Abel N'zoa for October 2009


Recent events

In Bukavu

During one week I had planned follow up visits in Bukavu but suddenly I had to go to Uvira for some talks with my parents for my wedding preparations.

After 4 days away I had 12 churches in Nguba and Kadutu. Together we encouraged one another and followed up some key leaders in their church planting and helped them to develop fellowship, and to have the vision of the movement, as we need to plant churches that will be able to plant other churches.

We are encouraged to see the work growing and to see the number of new believers and young people who came to attend to C@H meetings and to take the salvation decision, and especially to see the courage of those who have a passion to win others to Christ. 

We had our Friday prayer meetings as usual. We are happy to meet with leaders from various churches as they come together to pray, strategise and plan for more churches to be planted.


Out of Bukavu

This month God allowed me to visit and to encourage workers in these outlying villages. [Kavumu, Katana and Kalehe and Toyota] These past two months I have discovered that leaders haven’t improved the Bible study time in the house-church. They have started doing it like in church where only the preacher talks.

Therefore we encouraged and mentored them with some key skills they need to know to conduct group Bible study in the C@H meetings. This way encourages new believers to discover that in a house-church people are open and develop fellowship with everyone feeling that he is a part of the discussion, and that God is speaking to him.

I tried to remind them that as church leaders we are not pastors or preachers. We should consider ourselves as facilitators and we should induce people to think and discuss, and that this will help them to expect that God will want to talk to them both individually and as a group. Therefore, people will know how they should apply the Word in their lives.

At the end of the session in these strategic villages people were happy and understood that it was important for me to be visiting them and to share on the Bible study system.

The last day, Saturday night as we slept we heard gun shots. It was the Hutu Rwandan rebels fighting against the Congolese army 1km from the centre of Kalehe on the main road to Bukavu. We couldn't move to Bukavu until the village was secured. We stayed in the church for 3 days and nights. Yesterday I was able to go back to Bukavu. Praise God that now things are good and people can go to their farms and live normally.



Alimasi has visited churches in Uvira and around Kingongo, Kalimabenge where he encouraged leaders and prayed with them. This month he met pastors from 2 local denominations in Uvira. He has presented to them the vision of CPM and how to begin a church planting movement.

Alimasi reported that churches are growing well and leaders are encouraged to plant churches in Uvira and surroundings. Some churches had begun with C@H outreach and new people have decided to change their lives. He trusts that they will be able to catch the vision and to be involved.



Pascal is happy to see that 4 new churches were planted on the mountain near Mboko by farmers and far in Minembwe, Mujimbere continue to encourage his team in their church planting. He has reported that new members are joining churches that meet in houses and they grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Please pray for these folks up on the mountain.



Augustine and his disciple had visited churches in Minova and Masisi where they met leaders and encouraged church planters in the work. They had one week with leaders in these villages and encourage them to win people to Christ and to establish new churches in their communities. Augustine’s focus is to help people to know Christ. He reported that two new churches were initiated by one leader who was appointed when we had our last seminar in Goma and 13 people have accepted the Lord in their lives. Please, pray that God will give the courage and the thirst of the fresh Bread which is His Word.


Prayer and praise points


I praise God who enabled me to be strong and to make efforts to visit churches in different places. It was not easy for me to run after my wedding preparations and to be with leaders for their encouragement and follow up but God empowered us to do all our best by the Holy Spirit guidance. I have visited churches in and around Bukavu.

I would praise God and thank our New Zealand friends who took our need to their hearts and decided to act by sending the amount for my bride price and some of my wedding preparations. To God be all the glory!


Keep praying for Anita and my 24 November wedding, as we continue to trust in God for His love: that we will be good servants, and that God will help us in this new life.

Pray that believers and church leaders would be able to implement all the new teaching in their lives to become better leaders and would develop a passion to reach their communities with the gospel. 

Pray that God will open doors and will provide for our new home and house furniture.