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Report Date: October 24, 2009

Email received from Reuben Meiyao


Recent events


Recently our administrator has been away so I have been very busy in his absence and most of my time has been taken up doing his jobs.


Learning new techniques


We just dried the first 2.5 tonnes of field weight rice (from one paddyfield) and the boys are winnowing today. (2,500kg field weight paddy rice = 2,325kg dry rice to store and mill = 1,450kg milled rice for sale)

The sales of our rice are doing really well and it looks like Banz will become our base rice distributing point. A couple of weeks back we took 700kg into the market in Banz about midday and it had all sold by 3 pm! Many farmers also came and bought packets of rice seed which we had for sale.

In September we harvested rice that was milled through the F27 mill supplied by OCC and BHW.  The trainees really like it because it is reliable, easy to maintain and easy to transport or carry if it has to go and mill at a rural community using bush tracks. 


Kelabo and Arou mills (PNG01a)

The two rice mills that were sent last year to Kelabo and Arou in the Southern Highlands Province are both operating and they are both in a good condition. We are getting news from these people that they are still planting rice. Patrick Pawa [CLTC Horticulture Manager] is down there in his village and he will back for work next week with some fresh news about rice development in the area.


Hauna (PNG01c)

The Hauna people are waiting excitedly to see the mill and other equipment arriving. According to Vincent Kaku, people there are still planting, harvesting and clearing the bush for more rice fields. The equipment was to leave Lae yesterday (Friday) and will get to Hauna by Monday.


Community leader involved

Personal stories

One of the local community leaders, Mr Michael Mas, a former Member of Parliament, went with Lawrence Williams on his recent visit and took him around to inspect the rice growing in the villages and then also went back to inspect the rice mill.  He was very excited and now he has his own rice mill and milling operation in the community.  He is also building a church on a hill overlooking the villages from the income generated by the rice they grow.  This gives you an idea of the impact of this project. 


Project manager's comments

Rice growing in this nation is on a high note on all levels.  On Thursday’s PNG Parliament discussion on Kundu EMTV Program [PNG National TV], they discussed the rice development topic for 1.5 hours! I presume that this agenda was regarded as very important now.