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Report Date: September 9, 2009

Samfya Bible School Update June – August 2009

Class of 09


Recent events


The Samfya Bible School students have entered their third and final term with graduation being planned for 19th October 2009. In Term 2 there was a strong focus on Child Evangelism.

A number of the students have now joined the Samfya Sunday School Teachers network. The Sunday school teachers meet every two weeks for a short training, a time of sharing and a chance to exchange Sunday school materials. One of the students from the Congo, Talaka Mwenya, has been particularly keen on the Child Evangelism Courses and Sunday school training as he and his wife have been heading up an orphan project in the Congo for the last three years. Talaka will be taking a flannel graph set and an assortment of teaching materials back to the Congo to help with the Child Evangelism work there. One of the goals of the Bible School is to find ways and means of following past students to encourage and contribute to the ministries that they engage in after returning home. Talaka and his wife would be great candidates for this type of programme.

Vegetable garden

Sadly, one of the married couples attending SBS lost a son due to anemia and a number of other medical complications this past term. He died in their dorm room and the funeral was held at the school.

Agriculture Programme

The school’s agriculture programme is progressing well. The vegetable garden is starting to make money for the students. The poultry unit is almost complete and should receive its first batch of chickens in September. Once the poultry unit is fully functional, it should generate $2000-$3000 per year in profit which will go a long way in meeting some of the pressing overhead costs of running the school.

New profiles

If all goes well, the school will be welcoming a new missionary couple, Billy and Jenny Fuller. The Fullers were previously missionaries in Kenya. The Fullers represent a new potential partner for the Bible School, World Gospel Mission. One of the main aims of the partnership will be to network and provide support to past students.


Keen to learn

Personal stories

Webster & Mary Mutale

Webster and Mary have five children and are from Northern Province. They live in Nsoluka Village not too far from the Provincial Capital, Kasama. They heard about the Bible School from a visiting New Zealand team. They both serve as deacons in their home church. Mary also sings in the choir.

Mary has a particular interest in women’s ministry and Webster has a passion for church planting. He already has plans on planting a church in a neighbouring village to his own once he returns. They plan on supporting their family and ministry through farming.


Current issues and challenges

Unfortunately, the Child Evangelism teacher returned to Kasama and will not be teaching at the Bible School this term. Her expertise will be missed and her departure leaves a gap for next year’s programme.


Project manager's comments

The school would like to specially thank Woodside Bible Fellowship and Willow Creek Community Church for their contributions of Sunday school materials. Given the need, there is almost no limit to the number of visual teaching materials that can be used.