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Report Date: September 9, 2009

Church Planting in East Congo - September 2009 report


In Bukavu

This month God enabled Abel to follow up and encourage those who are planting churches in Nguba, Kadutu, Bagira where leaders have initiated 9 house churches.

The Siloam Church organised an outreach and 140 people responded to the Gospel. Abel and others had time to counsel them and encourage these new Christians to join a house church. God allowed them to form 10 new churches for the Siloam Church. They are still looking for some places where these churches will meet weekly. Some have accepted to open their homes for a church to meet in.
• Please pray for Pastor Munga and Abel as they need to follow up these folk for their growth. 

The AOG church organized an outreach of two days this month and it was a privilege for Abel to be invited by Pastor Olivier. The last day he met with leaders and those who have responded to the call. Together they encouraged them to join house churches for effective follow up.

As usual they have had 4 prayer meetings with leaders and Pastor Munga, praying for the work in the East of the DRC, for each leader’s needs, as well as for Harvest Partnership in New Zealand and for Ken’s visit this year in God’s will.

Out of Bukavu

Kalehe: With Pastor Munga Abel went to Kalehe to follow up and encourage workers in their church planting. They met and developed new contacts and for two days had talks with 12 pastors from surroundings villages. Those from surrounding areas walked to attend to the session. They shared with them on Chronological Bible Stories and on End-Vision.

The next day they visited the village of Ihusi where two churches were established. They encouraged leaders and members and talked about holding a seminar, promising them that as soon as they have manuals printed the following months will be dedicated to training in the whole region. Abel told them that all they have to do is to pray that God will make this a reality because there are some of God’s people in the corners of the world, especially in New Zealand, who have a big heart to give Bibles and to help them to print the manuals for their fellow Congolese. They took time to pray in pairs before they returned to Kalehe and then to Bukavu.

Toyota: Early in August Pastor Mbiribwa reported that they were able to plant 6 new house churches established by ordinary Christians. The work is growing and the number of believers becomes important. It was very exciting to hear that there are more than 100 people who are still waiting for the training and to reach out as Mbiribwa has mobilised them to be involved in the work. 

Abel agreed with Munga to share with them the Chronological Bible Stories as the method of Bible Study. After using this method they have gone on to introduce the Inductive Bible Study System. At the end they shared about the work, the success as well their challenges on the field. They encouraged them and promised Bibles to be given to those who have established house churches when they will back with them for a seminar.

Lake Tanganyika (Uvira & Fizi)

Uvira: Alimasi said that this was a busy month with visiting churches, and talking with various leaders dedicated to planting multiplying house churches in Uvira, and Kiliba. Alimasi has mobilised leaders and pastors to begin a weekly prayer meeting. Pray that God will strengthen them to do so. He is happy that leaders are doing their best to plant churches.

Fizi: Pascal has stepped up his ministry visitations and encouragement in Baraka. He was able to go to Mboko where he shared the Gospel of hope at the Evangelical Church. He was happy to talk with the Legal Representative of the church and his team about our Church Planting CPM vision.

He reminded him that the Great Commission was given to all believers and every Christian should be involved to reach people to Jesus until we will fill our community with house churches and this should be the End-vision of every leader of the church.

Minembwe: It was exciting to hear that Mujimbere is encouraging his team to plant churches. He was happy to report to Alimasi that they now have 40 churches after their recent visit in Minembwe in the mountains. They are developing the Bible reading study every week. Please pray for this young and distant work.

Northern Kivu:  Goma

Augustine has encouraged leaders in Goma. He has selected 5 new potential leaders from his local church. He will mentor and encourage them to initiate new churches in Goma.

This month he has visited the village of Minova. He met with various local pastors and church planters. He encouraged them and motivated them to be involved in planting new churches. He has encouraged leaders to develop fellowship and daily Bible reading study as worship.

Augustine asked for prayer that more churches would be open to receive their ministry, especially for young people as they would be bold and wise in their commitment.

Prayer requests

1) For fresh anointing upon workers and vision to reach out
2) For the provision of funds to print the Congo CPM Manuals and Bibles as hundreds of people are waiting to be trained
3) For all the new churches planted this last month and those hundreds of new believers
4) For all the new house-church leaders and their guides and encouragers. Pray for leaders praying together over goals and vision – keeping one another sharp and forward moving.
5) That the Burundi Police will be active and successful in finding Jerome’s dad's killers. Jerome and his family can return only when it is safe. Pray safety on Jerome’s mum and brothers.
6) The preparations and provisions for Abel’s November wedding
7) Praise God for the gift of twins to Alimasi and for the health of mother and babies