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Report Date: June 22, 2009

Church Planting in East Congo: June 09 Report



This was a busy month with visiting churches and talking with various leaders dedicated to plant multiplying houses churches in Bukavu and surrounding villages. We are praising the Lord for all that is taking place in Bukavu as well as in other places in the East of the Congo. New believers are coming to the faith, new churches are being planted by ordinary people who have understood the importance of the Great Commission and many C@H are growing healthy.

We had visited and encouraged churches in Bagira, Nguba, Kadutu and Panzi where 2 new churches were established and 7 people were baptised. 

We have gone through our Friday meetings along the month even if the last meeting we were in the village with Munga but brother Kalume led the prayer meeting. In each meeting we are praying for the work and workers, needs of tools in the field, as well for our New Zealand partners and supporters. In one prayer meeting I reminded potential leaders that our vision is not to inform a group of believers about church planting but we are to help people, with a heart passion and call, to plant churches.

At this point, we need to make a new strategic contribution by feeding the movement through prayer, discipleship, leadership training and workshops on evangelism and cell church skills and strategies. We plan to meet with all potential leaders each 25th and 26th of the month. Please pray for this new program.


Concentrating hard

OUT OF BUKAVU [With Munga]

Kavumu: Abel and Munga had visited Kavumu where they met and encouraged various pastors and church planters. We had two days to encourage and mentor those who are still untrained but show their interest to plant churches in their communities. We are encouraging leaders to help people to have daily group Bible readings in the house church and prayer as well as fellowship. We reminded them that leaders should help people to know Jesus. 

We were able to visit one new church-in-a-house initiated by one young man last month. He brought 26 non-Christians who decided to receive Christ.

We had selected 15 potential leaders among those we met to be trained in the future after sharing with them the basis of church planting. We trust they will be able to work as God is anointing them for that. Please continue to pray for manuals to be printed.

Katana: We had three days in Katana to teach pastors and some potential leaders from the city and surroundings. We encouraged local church planters as they are waiting for the training to be involved and to plant multiple churches among their own people. This is a highly productive method of spreading churches across a population.

We encouraged them to share the good news and we were amazed to see multiplying churches being planted by ordinary Christians who have gained the vision of using whatever they have to see new churches started in villages.



Alimasi: Visited and encouraged church members in Uvira and the villages of Kawizi and Kiliba where he has initiated church planting to local people. He has to visit another village on the hill of the mountain where he went with Mukutcha for an outreach. On this occasion he tried to share with 30 pastors from Free Methodist Congregation about the vision of the church planting. They prayed with those pastors and promised them that if God wills they will come back to them for a seminar. But they had shared with them what is a church that meets in a house and the program of the meeting. 

Many asked for special prayer that God will help them to see their community fed by the Gospel and many C@H established.

Pascal: reported that it was good to see new churches are established every day in Fizi and other remote villages. This was beyond his imagination. He is happy with the effort deployed by leaders who encourage members in group Bible readings meetings as many still waiting to be trained in House church planting. Pascal and Alimasi trust that will visit them in Fizi in July.

Pray that Abel will be able to visit Fizi with Alimasi to meet Pascal and his team in the second week of July to encourage them and to see what could be our encouragement and help to them. Since Jerome went to Canada they are working alone and Alimasi and Pascal would like my visit in order to encourage leaders and church members.



Pastor Augustine is doing a great work to encourage churches and he is amazed by what is taking place in Goma, Sake and Minova and the growth of the work in the field. Augustine reported that it’s hard to believe that church leaders in Goma have started to organise weekly house church outreach in every corner of Goma in order to fill their Jerusalem.

This wonderful news makes me happy to see how churches are being planted daily in these places and how people walk with the hunger of hearing the Gospel of Jesus. Augustine added that they have begun to revisit the northern part of Goma where rebels were based. Things are going well in this part and he went to talk with new pastors and leaders about CPM.  He presented a need of Bibles for new believers in the house churches, please pray. 


Prayers requests:

- Pray for the provision of Swahili Congo Bible, CPM manual to be printed.
- Pray for the finance needed for reprinting 1,500 Church Planting Manuals in Congo Swahili.
- Pray for good fellowship among believers in the Spirit as they shall love one another in working together with one purpose.
- Pray for the Lord to provide the US$3,000 for the Bride Price and my wedding to Anita, planned for November.


Much love and blessings to all
Abel N’zoa