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Report Date: April 30, 2009

Email received from the Mulenga's


Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Lord’s name, thank you for praying we are well. Each week and every month has been of challenge, humbling and dependence upon him who knows all. We are assured of his presence and his loving kindness everyday, not forgetting his providence in times of our daily need. (1King 17) Thank you for the support we have received from you. Every gift we have received has been a blessing to us and to the work of God.

The remembrance of our Lord’s death and resurrection in April was of its kind: The youth and the children who had been preparing for two months were of service to the Lord during the memorable days of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and 4 people gave their lives to the Lord as the word was ministered. Shula has given herself to children’s ministry and leading a group of 30 teenage girls in Bible studies. During this remarkable period, an unforgettable time in the Christendom calendar, Shula Mulenga was recommended for mission work.

A short time Christian volunteer, an instructor in carpentry from U.S.A has been with us for a month. He has come for three months, teaching the basics in carpentry and joinery to orphans.

We are no longer using a generator but power from Mozambique Electricity Company to pump water from the borehole at the mission centre. As a result we have resumed providing water to orphans and bedridden patients with HIV living near the mission centre.


1) He provides our daily necessities
2) $4,550 has been given towards our new transport
3) 4 new converts
4) Shula recommended for mission work 
5) The carpentry instructor

Prayer Points

1) English teacher volunteer a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
2) Five of our children from the programme have finished grade 12 - they need English language
3) Katongo Mulenga study permit to be in South Africa
4) Hostel for the orphans
5) To replace our transport that we may be able to do what we have been doing and to go the extra mile


God bless yours in the Lord,

Patrick & Grace Mulenga