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Report Date: April 27, 2009

News from Samfya

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. We want to thank God for His mercies; which are new every morning. We also want to give you an update of the school activities for the first semester. We trust you will be encouraged to pray for the work at Samfya Bible School as you read this news from us.

Recent events

2009 Intake

The school opened on the 4th of February after the Evangelist and Full Time Workers Seminar. It was good to meet many of our past students and to hear of how the Lord is using them in their areas of influence. We had in total 90 participants coming from the Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula Provinces during our usual one week seminar.
We continue to thank God for his mercies and for the current students. We have in total 20 students - 8 couples, 1 single man and 3 female students coming from the Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We also have 14 children. 10 of these are pre-school and 3 are in basic school. We have almost come to end of our first semester and school.

New Development

a. Demonstration Farm
We have embarked on developing the school’s demonstration farm where students will be working as part of their practical to the agricultural theory course. We have bought 200 metres of wire to fence the garden and we have also started to sink poles around the area. 

The agricultural component to the Certificate programme is a new addition that has grown out of a pressing need that previous students have expressed; this need is for full-time Christian workers to be able to support themselves both in terms of food security and income. The core of the life skills programme focuses on agriculture. Students will be required to take both crop and animal production courses and participate in managing the school’s demonstration farm. With a working knowledge of agriculture production, students will be able both to provide food for family consumption and generate some income for expenditure. Students can also use their agriculture skills to develop Church outreach ministry once they return home to their local churches.

b. Bore Hole
We have also managed to sink a 27 metre deep borehole which will cater for the water needs of the school.

c. New Team Members
The need for more staff still remains. We thank God for Renate who joined the teaching staff and we continue to pray for her settling down. We continue to pray for Delywn Houghton as she continues to seek God’s guidance for her future ministry after a stint at Chengelo School. We are also praying for Brother Gabriel Katuta to join our team as an Agriculture teacher.


Ideas for the future

a. Development of real estate
In our quest to reduce dependency on donor support we are thinking of developing building housing units which we could rent out. We are certain that this is one sure way of raising funds locally.

b. Developing a second year course
Last year the Bible School faculty proposed the introduction of a second year programme designed for students who are capable of studying at this level and who are sufficiently proficient in English. The programme is designed for those who anticipate entering full-time Christian ministry and would like to specialize in one particular field, Pastoral Leadership, Church Ministry Service or Evangelistic Missions. Each of the Advanced Certificate programmes will consist of 4 months (one term) of theory and 4 months of practical attachment. The purpose of the practical attachment is to give students an opportunity to experience the type of ministry situations they expect to be engaged in after completing their studies.


Current issues and challenges

Infrastructure: We recognize the need for infrastructure development in order to meet the demands of the new curriculum which we have already started to implement. The current situation where the College has only one classroom and no structure for the library poses a challenge to the implementation of the proposed curriculum. Furthermore, as we anticipate more staff coming on board there is the need to consider building more staff houses on campus. We consider the addition of more classrooms, the building of a library, improvement of the current kitchen/dining building, and the building of more staff houses as the immediate infrastructure developmental needs of the school.


Prayer and praise points

Pray for
• The students as they settle in this new environment and for the school financial needs of their children
• Faculty as we develop and refine the second year course
• Financial needs of the school particularly in our quest for infrastructure development
• The Executive meeting which will be held in the third week of April
• The anticipated new team members - Gabriel and Delywn as they seek God’s direction regarding their future ministry
• The work at the clinic and all the staff as they continue to labour for their Master
• The students as they study for their end of term exam


May the Almighty bless you all.

Samfya Bible School