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NEP02b - Ray Of Hope Society - Community Development, Nawal Parasi: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: March 20, 2009

builders at work

Recent events


The work of developing the medical clinic and the farm is moving along slowly.  

The project leader, Niranjin Adhikary is spending much of his time in Nawal Parasi helping in the clinic building and farm development as well as encouraging pastors and believers with the Word of God.

Clinic development: 
The building of the clinic is going ahead smoothly. Wood and wall primer has been glued. The final painting work has not yet been finished. The local believers are helping in this work. Windows are being fixed and the next thing to start is the making of furniture such as cupboards for the pharmacy, a reception desk, beds, and a doctor's table and chair. Everything is now very expensive so they are struggling to manage their budget. Niranjin writes, "I challenged everyone to contribute something for this work."


Farm Development:
There has been no rain since last June so the crops are not good but the team has planted nine mango trees, two litchis, two coffee trees and two Neems trees. One mango tree was destroyed while ploughing the field with the tractor.

Niranjin writes, "Today I have received a phone call from Nawal Parasi that one of the trees has been eaten by a villager's goat because there is no fence yet." More than 200 cucumber plants, 56 pumpkins, 37 beans and 54 other vegetables have been planted by four family members.

Other land is being prepared for other crops. A shed for chickens and goats is being built near the clinic. Some believers are involved in goat rearing about 1.5 kms from the clinic because of the slope of the land with good grass suitable for goat farming.

preparation for crops

Water is obtained from the well and a small water pump is being used for irrigation of the vegetables but this well does not have enough water. Some agricultural experts have said that Nawal Parasi has very fertile land for coffee. Some trees have been found in the area and are growing faster than others with little care. 


Current issues and challenges

There are many challenges being faced at the moment. These include:
- A strike by the local tribal people called Tharu
- All of Nepal has been suffering from 16 hours per day electricity cuts and a water shortage
- The huge increases in costs of development


Future plans

Research will be done concerning the growing, harvesting and processing of coffee. It seems to grow well there. 


Project manager's comments

shed for animals

This partnership has just commenced and it will be a couple more months until it really gets into operation. The Field Director will be visiting in April to see the development and assist with the next phase of getting the operation underway.

This partnership has the potential to significantly contribute to the local community by caring for the health needs of a large number of people. The establishment of farming and vegetable production will provide produce but also hopefully stimulate people to start using their land which in many cases remains idle and unused. I hope it will provide a stimulus initially to the Christians to become much more productive.  

The visit in April will certainly be interesting.