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Report Date: December 29, 2008

Email received from the Mulenga's


We always give thanks to the Lord for your work, your support has been of great help.  

Currently we have: 
(1) 4 orphans doing high school
(2) 1 boy in college finishing in December 2009
(3) 42 orphans doing Grade 1 up to Grade 5 at our church school
(4) 52 orphans fed every day 2 meals a day

Without your input it would have been difficult to achieve some of the goals, thank you for your partnership.

We have had some hard times, the price increase in fuel has affected the project of selling water as we use a fuel powered generator to pump the water and sell to the community. We are therefore no longer selling water.



Included with this email was their financial statement for 2008.  The majority of the funds sent by BHW were spent on food for the orphans and school fees with money also used to pay the teachers and cooks and buy gas to cook with.