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Report Date: August 15, 2014

Harvest Partnership Update August 2014


Great Lakes - Africa

MUNGA  - Bukavu, Congo
JULY:  Pastor Munga reported that he was able to visit, encourage and develop his Siloam house church leaders in Bukavu. People are coming together every week and new people are joining the BRF. 

AUGUST:  Pastor Munga will be continuing with his visit and training to Siloam leaders and will go to Lemera in the Rusizi plain where he will have a local pastors’ seminar and will introduce the church planting movement. 

PASCAL  - Lake Tangayika, Congo
JULY:  Pascal reported that he visited eight Bible Reading Fellowships in the following villages: Swima, Makobola, Lusambo, and with Alimasi they encouraged people in Mboko and Baraka. He continues to develop leaders and members in the daily Bible reading and praying for the unsaved as well their needs. 

AUGUST: Pascal will continue to visit, encourage and develop leaders in Fizi (Mboko, Nundu, and Swima) and Alimasi will join him and together they will train leaders in Baraka. 

ALEX - Bujumbura
JULY:  This month Alex initiated a Bible reading to a hair dressers’ football team. So many of them can begin to read the Bible as a team and pray and trust God.

He also visited and developed the work in Kamenge, Kinama, Bukirasazi, Carama and Maranvia in the rural Bujumbura areas.

JULY:  In Goma Jean Pierre reported that he visited different Bible Reading Fellowships in order to encourage them and see what progress is taking place since he have trained them. He continues to encourage those who have the hunger of knowing God through His Word. He said that he has introduced the vision to two new local churches and he trusts that he can begin to train them and their team this month.


Pastor Bob - Inland Kenya / Lake Victoria Region

Greetings in the mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May this report find you well kept in Him. In the middle of this month (July) I had family illness. My wife Lilian was sick with malaria and typhoid. She got treatment and she is recovering. Today she woke up strong and began her normal duties in the house.  

During July I was able to visit Migori, Londiani and Ahero.

MIGORI (Towards the Tanzania Border)
In this village town many lives are being touched and hundreds have been saved in the DBR Fellowships. In the first church where Pastor Nashon is, he has established eight Daily Bible Reading [DBR] groups after training him last year and this time they have increased to 16. I encouraged him together with his leaders and I attended one of the fellowships where we got excited by a testimony of a man who was born again recently. He became committed in prayers and daily reading of God’s word and found himself free from fear and torment. He said:  “I had no knowledge of God’s love or the faith and hope the Bible teaches until I received my copy of DBR card. I began using it together with my family and it brought me the real joy of God's salvation and victory in every area of my life. I was paralyzed and fearful but now I am fear-free and also free from tormenting thoughts that was placing blockers in my life.  I can now visit, encourage my church, friends, relatives and everywhere God leads me. Amen”. They were very much excited. 

I spent extra nights to train them in Step 2, and then went to another distant place about 40km towards TZ border. Pastor Samson begun a church here after I trained him two years ago. I encouraged him and his four leaders. They shared their Bibles and another five leaders joined us the next day after they called them to come and meet me. They had been longing to get the teachings. Of course I introduced them to our work and what a joy as they said “This is what can work for us in this area”.  Praise the Lord the church is moving on.  I pray that we can help them with a few Bibles as most of them cannot afford to buy one.  I taught them to share with one another, until everyone hungers for God's word.

The Lord enabled me to follow up Pastor John.  We trained him together with others in Nakuru during our visit with Ken two years ago.  This is far off in the highlands between Kericho and Nakuru. It's a new church and very precious people who received the word with great joy.  I trained and encouraged the leaders. It was good to see everyone participating. I attended one of the DBR fellowships in the evening and taught sharing the Bibles together with those who do not have. It was good seeing even the children ready to hear the word though they live in wooden houses.  It's more cold than Kericho.

Praise the Lord many lives were touched and comforted in the Lord.  I also visited the Boy’s high school where John works as security guard. I encouraged the staff and prayed with them in the office. The students were in the classroom but I arranged to preach to them on my next visit.  John has preached there on many occasions.  It was very cold for me in the nights, but the Lord sustained me. Thank God the six leaders here submitted their life to be taught and obey His word.  I left them encouraged and ready to start the DBR groups in their areas.

AHERO (about 45 minutes on the main road from Kisumu where you branch for Tanzania)
It was quite encouraging to see what the Lord is doing with this church as the last time I visited, the believers were not very active here. This time the pastor says my audience has turned into an army “for many of us now serve in the corps”. The DBR groups have increased from 7 to 13 and many families won for Christ. I encouraged the leaders and there was a lot of excitement as I moved around various groups teaching and encouraging.

Plans for August
I will visit Nakuru which I didn't visit because of my wife's illness. Then I will go past my home village to Gem, Sondu and Homa Bay.

Pray for good health for me and my family as I reach out in different parts and villages. 


Shaban & Kensha - Coastal Kenya

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Once again I thank God for He has enabled me to send you the report for this July. 

KENSHA – Kensha Football Outreach
We have football practice and Bible stories for everyone. The senior team is in the public league and are still on top with 37 points after winning last Sunday by six goals. The boys are growing stronger each and every day by reading the word of God. There are big changes in their society since the Kensha Project started. Many youth are giving their hearts to the Lord. Many are having a breakthrough in their lives and they take the opportunity of sharing the gospel. Kensha now has 236 youth in the project so we need God and prayers. 

Everything in the plot is okay. The challenge is that we don’t have a gate yet. On one Sunday some of the maize etc was eaten by a flock of sheep and goats.  We pray for the Lord to provide a good gate as I am always spending my day in the plot as a watchman. If I am not there the maize can be eaten by goats and some is stolen. It is very painful and sad. The toilet is all painted, the tank is fixed, and the fence is finished. All the plants are doing good. A gate is needed.  

We already have 12 in school.  We still have many boys and girls and we pray for their school needs, for their tomorrow to be better.  Some need to go to primary and some for secondary. 

There are four girls and two boys needing to get into Secondary School in September.  We ask God to provide for their school fees and uniforms, books etc.