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Report Date: August 15, 2014

Report from BHW Field Director Following Visit in July


Recent Events

Mkenya Halisi has significantly changed in the last few months, the early months of 2014. This significant change has seen it take a different course.

The original dream was that Mkenya Halisi would become a sustainable social enterprise. The resource they had developed was a very powerful tool addressing many of the social ills of Kenya. It was hoped that the sales from the book and other income generating activities would sustain the work. The dream was also that within a few, three, years the enterprise would become a contributor to ministry, not a recipient. 

Eda felt at the end of 2013 that the current model could not deliver that. That the model was flawed and at the end of the day, people, churches and organisations were not purchasing the material. Many loved the content, but they would buy one book and photocopy it!

They therefore undertook a lot of activities trying to promote the idea and running seminars, and received positive feedback but it became more and more unsustainable. 

Interns became part of the equation but they were not able to generate the groundswell required. Eda felt they were being dragged into unproductive, unsustainable marketing meetings to people who had little interest in purchasing the product or really engaging with the issues the book raised. 

In a sense, she felt that the interns became part of the problem. They could go into a high school and talk to the young people but no one had the resources to buy the book. They created a lot of work but little of it contributed to making the program self-sustaining. Management of the interns also started to take up more and more time. 

After a number of meetings and soul searching, Eda has decided to change direction and step back from every day involvement in the program. She has two children and another on the way and her family is a large part of the decision to put Mkenya Halisi on the back burner. She has some contract work writing materials and is doing some more study and of course, books are still moving slowly. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

As mentioned, everyone loved the content but few would purchase the books. Those who did use the program were impressed by it and it made a difference for those who participated. 

Some people high up in the Kenyan scene told her that they hoped this would fail as it threatened their status and livelihood! Even the leaders of churches felt threatened by this material. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) The impact of the team in the last two years has been great
2) That doors will open in the future, that the seeds planted will sprout and grow



There is no reason for us to stay involved here. If Halisi does spring back into life it will not require help from outside.