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NEP02c - Ray Of Hope Society - Poultry Farm: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: May 5, 2014

Report from BHW Nepal Partnership Facilitator


Bright Hope World staff met with Niranjan and Sonu in November 2013. We spent a day travelling with Niranjan to visit the poultry farm in Nawal Parasi. 


Recent Events

Poultry farm

lots of eggsThe purpose of the poultry farm was to build a sustainable income stream for local families and to provide further income for ministry in Nepal. The results were fantastic to see. 

As at the end of March 2014 the poultry farm has almost broken even for the year at approximately US$400 loss year to date. This is an amazing result as the initial project is due to complete in January 2015. The reason for the quick return on investment is a high price for sale of eggs. The price of eggs is mandated by the government, and due to Bird Flu the price has increased. This has been very favourable for the Ray of Hope Society.

As at the end of March 2014, the farm is producing 2,355 eggs per day. 


The current focus of Niranjan encompasses:
1) The Flock of God - a loose network of churches - currently 125
2) Bible training ministry of church leaders so they can lead church communities across Nepal. Currently there are 33 Bible Training Centres and around 400 leaders being trained each year. As at the end of March 2014, there are currently four leadership classes going on in different parts of the country. Niranjan continues to travel frequently throughout the country to train pastors and church planters. 
3) Ray of Hope Society - devoted to enhancing livelihood options within the context of vulnerability. Currently this includes: Medical Clinic, Resource Centre, Big N World, Poultry Farm and Banking Investments.

doing really wellResouce Centre (NEP02b)

While in Kathmandu we also met a young man who has started a printing business. This was as a result of a loan that Niranjan had provided through the Resource Centre that was first started with Bright Hope funding. This has proved to be a successful business, and is providing income for this young man and his family.  Although Bright Hope does not provide any further funding for the Resource Centre, it was very encouraging to see the ongoing impact from this original project.

Farming Co-operative (NEP02b) 

This co-operative now has over 300 families involved and is providing an amazing opportunity for local farmers to leverage their skills and resources, for the betterment of each family. We visited the co-op premises where there is a rice mill. 


Personal Stories

great income generatorAt this stage the project is still in start-up phase and we are not seeing specific stories yet emerging from the project. The key results will be to see the long term income generation from this project and the results that it has on the ministry in Nepal. 

In terms of the wider ministry, there has been wonderful news lately where Sonu's elder sister and brother-in-law have recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. This is an incredible encouragement for Niranjan and Sonu, who have witnessed continually to their family. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

This partnership is providing Niranjan with a further strong link to the wider community. He is now a viable businessman in the community, and is also the president of the local farming co-op that he started. It was encouraging to see Niranjan so respected amongst his local community, where many are not Christians.  


Ideas for the Future

great coupleThe future vision of Niranjan is to potentially look at two further business opportunities - a guest house, and a conference centre. There may be an opportunity here for BHW to further work with Niranjan and Sonu through Ray of Hope Society. We will continue discussions with them as the opportunity arises.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Praise for the current egg price and that the poultry farm has been protected from Bird Flu
2) Praise for Sonu's family committing to Christ
3) Prayer for strength for them as a family to continue forward 



Niranjan and Sonu are an amazing encouragement. Their commitment to their local people and to ministry throughout Nepal is so encouraging. They are passionate about bi-vocational ministry, and are well connected with the heart and vision of Bright Hope World.