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Report Date: May 13, 2022

being given hopeReport from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Recent Events


There are currently 15 students living at Forward Green Hostel aged between 9 and 21 years old. The oldest Benson, an orphan, is now attending university. Christine, their social worker, has said that the children are doing really well and are all in good health. She said they are feeling encouraged as they have noticed major improvements in their studies. Some of the students have finished their exams and graduated to higher levels of education.  


future nursePersonal Stories

This is Nancy Nyambura, an orphan. She has finished her secondary school studies and they are waiting for the results so she can attend university. Her dream is to become a nurse. She is disciplined and devoted in helping with the Sunday School and choir ministry. They believe she could be useful to the community as a nurse. 

able to hear now


This is Isaac Mutwota. He had chronic issues with his ears for a long time and was in and out of hospital. He was eventually taken to the Audiology Department where he was treated, and hearing aids were inserted. Now he smiles because he can hear well with this hearing aid gadget. He is currently in Form 3 and he is doing well. He is always in position one out of 305 students in his class. They thank God for him. He was a destitute child. His mother is mentally challenged, and he has no father. His dream is to become a medical surgeon. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

The children are working hard at their education and, like the personal stories above, have ambitions to follow careers that will give back to the people in their communities. 

Forward Green is housing children who are either orphaned or vulnerable from the community and giving them a chance at getting an education so they can become self-sufficient. 


Current Issues and Challenges

Christine has said that one major challenge is having enough to feed the children as food prices are very high in the markets. They also have a challenge with the children's beds and mosquito nets. The ones they currently have are old and torn. 

Isaac and Nancy are needing financial support for their higher education.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) The children are all doing well both health wise and in their education. A number of them are getting top marks in their classes.
2) Praise to God that Isaac now has hearing aids and is doing well in his education.
3) Prayer for the children’s ongoing health and education. Prayer for provision to meet all of their needs so they can thrive. 



From the social worker's report, the children are doing well and working hard at their education. We are happy for this project to continue until the children have graduated high school.