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Report from Oscar Tello



God provided for the purchase of a cargo transporter, a new van to move the construction materials and other necessities, and I sent it by truck to Atalaya along with the Property Card and the License Plate that we managed. I have also continued with the procedures of the legal physical sanitation of the land of Segadores in Atalaya and made trips to visit our missionary Manuel Salazar and family in Atalaya. At the same time, I taught the Word of God to the community and encouraged the Asháninka brothers and sisters to remain firm in the way of the Lord. 

Aoti and Chontakiari

As you know, we started the construction of the church in Chontakiari, with the financial donation of a church. During the pandemic, we have laid the bricks all around the outside and made a gate on my last trip to the community. I bought plastic chairs in Lima and sent them to the community, this was possible thanks to the offering of a brother, who gave generously. With the help of the Lord, I hope to buy an acrylic slate and a closet. We needed to build and install the gate of the church compound, but thanks to the Lord I worked with a brother in the construction of the gate in his workshop, building the gate with electric welding in Lima. On my last trip, in which I was accompanied by a young man from my church who helped me in the work, together with the brothers and sisters of the Asháninka church of Chontakiari, I managed to install it with a welding machine borrowed from a brother.

However, we lacked the bars for the 12 windows of the church, so like the gate I worked on welding the bars which I sent by truck to Pichanaki and from there we will take by van to the Chontakiari community. I asked the Lord to give me His strength to finish the work in the making of the windows of the church of Chontakiari, because this week we will travel with our sisters Antonia and Cristina to the community of Aoti and Chontakiari, to insert the windows. We then only need to put in the floor of the church and will continue to wait on the provision of the Lord, because the price of all materials has risen too high. 

San Fausto: The Asheninka

During the absence of Marcus and Adina who have travelled to visit their home country of Romania, I have continued to contact the Head of the community by phone, encouraging him to continue with the construction of several bridges on the stretch of road leading to the community of San Fausto. I sent them the materials for the work, and all the people in the community are working, led by Chief Asencio. The purpose is so that Marcus and Adina can get to the community with their van.

Trips to San Fausto

When the Dumitru family arrived in Lima, we travelled to San Fausto on two occasions to help him in the work and coordination of the water project in the community, as well as in the repair of the missionary house and the implementation of the bathroom. On the second trip we undertook maintenance of the solar panels of the house and the drinking water system of the house, but without neglecting Bible studies with people in the community because some are showing more interest in Bible studies.

Amazonas: Ethnic Group Awajun

We had a surprise visit from Brother Demecio Mashian of the Awajun ethnic group, who arrived in Lima to help his brother Remigio who was hospitalized and very serious with COVID-19.  After 20 days, he was discharged from the hospital, so I visited them at the house where they were staying.  That night I presented the Gospel to Remigio who gave his life to the Lord with many tears, singing with us. The next day, Remigio passed away, and was taken to the crematorium, which was very painful for Demecius. As brothers in the Lord, we hosted him in our house and days later, with the help of friends, he received his brother's ashes in an urn. He kept crying over his brother's death, but there was joy in his heart because Remigio gave his life to Christ. We thank God for the dedicated life of Demecius. For his return, Segadores gave him some used clothes, food and other things to share with his family and with the Awajun shepherds of Amazonas.

Visit to the missionary Augusto Díaz and family

God allowed us to visit our missionary Augusto Diaz and his family in Cheni community, Rio Tambo. The purpose was to encourage him to continue to disciple the brethren of various churches he has planted. On this visit we brought some food and clothes for the family. On a previous trip I had been able to see that our missionary lived in a very precarious house with many leaks, no walls, and almost everything exposed. I wrote to friends, brothers and institutions telling the story and thank God we received financial provision such that their little house is already under construction. Thank God the house of our missionary is already roofed, and part of the house already has the floor put down. Now we hope to start construction with boards and slats for the walls and divisions of the house.

Our missionary Augusto Díaz is a valuable, simple man with a lot of love for his neighbour. He is a planter of Asháninkas churches on the Tambo River. We would value prayer for him and his family, and for the construction of his house. 


Trip to Pasco: Yánesha ethnic group

How good and faithful is our God, that with His help I have travelled to the jungle of Pasco to visit our missionary Paschal James and his son, with the purpose of encouraging them through this visit and at the same time seeing how their health was, and spending time with them. I also brought some help for them and other families of the Yánesha churches. 

When I arrived at the Yánesha community of Santa María, at the house of our missionary Santiago, his son and wife were waiting for me (he is also called Santiago Pascual). We continued the trip in a lot of rain until we reached his community of Nuevo Progreso. There we unloaded all the purchases to implement the bookstore project for the new missionary Santiago Pascual (son) in which we worked while staying in his house. The family of Santiago Pascual were very grateful because this business will be for their self-sustenance because he is a very hard worker, like his father who works hard, strengthening the churches his father has founded and building new Yánesha churches. 

Planting of new church

With joy in the Lord, I share with you that several years ago when traveling to the Province of Purús, I began the meeting together of a new church of the Junikuin ethnic group in the house of Brother Waldemar. Since then, it has not stopped meeting so now they have the need to build a church for the Junikuin brothers, located near the Peru-Brazil border. This initiative is because the brothers of the Junikuin ethnic group left the communities where they lived in the city due to the invasion of another hostile ethnic group that is now occupying this community. They are currently meeting in a house with four poles and a roof which is about to fall but no walls, so we are prayerfully seeking the Lord for His provision to buy the materials and fuel to saw the wood for the roof frame. As they live near the Brazilian border, all materials are very expensive, almost five times more expensive than in the main city.  


Personal and Family Life

It is a privilege to serve the Lord among the unreached ethnic groups of our Amazon, and to raise churches among them! The pandemic has limited our travel to communities, but it hasn't stopped us from continuing to evangelize. 

During the week in Lima, my wife and I lead Bible groups with church families, via zoom or WhatsApp, including on Sundays. The Lord has allowed me to be more in touch with the indigenous leaders and missionaries who work with Segadores, ministering to them and supporting them in their health, because most of them and their families were infected with COVID-19. We have interceded and prayed together, motivating them to continue to trust in the Lord and teach His Word "in season and out of season." 

Phone calls were and continue to be the means to encourage our indigenous missionaries working in various regions of our country. They have also served to share the Word of God with the heads of the communities. By the grace of God, we have been able to serve our missionaries, managing and seeking the materials to facilitate the work of missionary families in native communities, travelling to support them and encouraging them to remain faithful and continue to disciple more people and plant indigenous churches among them.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For wisdom to continue leading Segadores' missionary work in the communities.
2) For the health of all the missionary families in Segadores, especially for Liviu and Amalia.
3) For the health of my wife's parents, who are very delicate in health.
4) For sustenance for our indigenous missionaries of the different ethnicities with whom we work and for the new missionaries.
5) For the economic provision for the different projects in the communities.
6) For more workers for the mission field in the native communities without a church.
7) For the economic provision for the construction of the new Junikuin church on the Peru-Brazil border.
8) For the completion of the construction of the church in Chontakiari, Asháninka ethnic group.
9) For the construction of the facilities for the Missionary Training Centre in Atalaya



I do not want to fail to express my gratitude to each of you for always being by our side, with your prayers and sustaining us with your offerings, for your love of the expansion of the kingdom of our God. I pray to the Lord to give you the gift of health, care, and material blessing for your family sustenance and for the work of the Lord throughout the world. 


Your servant in the service of the Lord, 

Oscar, Aura, Briana y Filip Tello Trascu