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Report Date: February 17, 2022

different timesMissionary Report from Antonia Yalta February 2022

Recent Events


We continue to teach God's Word to the "Jesus is the Way" group three times a week. Many times I feel frustrated because I don't see their faces, I just listen to them on the phone. They ask very valuable questions related to the topic. For them, opening cell groups in houses is a sign of division. (I think the enemy wanted to destroy the ministry.) The group grew and now we have returned to having meetings in the church with the whole group. 

pleased to be togetherWe are teaching the Bible from Genesis onwards. We have come to the Ten Commandments and for each night we only teach one commandment. It encourages me when they say, "I'm learning sister." 

The brothers asked for baptism classes and two of them were baptized including the former chief. From Lima we send prizes that can be useful to all ages. The brethren strive to learn the Bible verses and are given a snack.  

different timesSeedlings of Hope

Deisy Soto has put all her love and passion into the children of her community and now teaches the children who come to the church. Sometimes we send the classes virtually and the children get together to receive them from a single phone. God is faithful and provided funds to buy a phone for Deisy and in that way the Gospel reaches the children.  We also continue to give snacks to the kids and Deisy cooks something for them sometimes.  

We continue to care for orphaned children and elderly people from two Ashaninka communities gratefulwith food bags. They are the hardest hit by the pandemic. We have also extended support to the Shipibo children, grandchildren of missionary Tito Pacho. Four children were orphaned because their mother died, and the missionary took responsibility for them. 

Thanks to the kindness of some people who donated some money to us to send to Brother Tito, and thus buy them food. 

gratefulAssisting Children of Missionaries

An offering was given to Ephram Dumitru when he underwent surgery and we also helped three families with one laptop per family for their virtual studies. With the Foundress of Heirs of Grace, Joy Lee, we have begun to pray for the children of the missionaries once a month. The children and their parents are working in difficult places and the attacks of the enemy are evident, for illnesses and discouragement. 

Climbing the Hill in Lima

Along with the children's teachers, we have decided to climb the hill to visit many children and also to visit some families. Children are very happy when they see us. 

It is painful to enter the homes and find the mothers taking out the seeds of the dried chili peppers, as is the case of Anabel who lives doing this work to have an income for her family.

big climb

gratefultough job









During these last weeks I have gone through difficult times due to my health with the hernia that is puncturing the sciatic nerve. The spine pain worsened and the carpal tunnel in my hands was very painful. I thank God because I am already doing special therapies to the entire spine and that decreased the acute pain. Doctor Mes let me go to the jungle because I told her that I had to carry out the Christmas campaigns with the children of four native communities. On my return I continued with the therapies.



My brother David has diabetes, is taking a lot of medication for depression, and has no job. My sister Rosa is unwell with heart problems and her husband has pulmonary fibrosis. And my other sister Doris had COVID-19 in 2020, her lungs don't look good and she always has difficulty. I always have to be willing to help my siblings financially because of the difficult situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For a missionary family to join the team to continue evangelism among native communities.

2) For the work in the jungle. The heavy rains have already begun and I hope that this will not prevent our disciples from going to preach the Word of God to the other communities. 

3) For God to use us in the time we will be in the community with Sister Cristina and Brother Oscar.


Thank you very much for contributing your prayers and offerings for God to fulfill His plans using His children.


Antonia Yalta