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EGY04 - The Holiness Movement Small Loan Empowerment : Partnership Reports

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Report Date: August 27, 2020

Report from Loan Committee

new businessGreetings of appreciation and love along with our prayers for every one of you, especially in the emergency conditions that the world is going through now as we struggle with this epidemic. We thank God for your presence in the life of the Egyptian Church. Your presence next to us makes history and contributes a real change that God makes with the Holy Spirit through the loan service of the free Methodist church in the lives of individuals and families across the country.

Recent Events

First Stage (Minya Governorate) 

In February 2019 a total number of 18 individuals in two counties of Minya Governorate were given loans. Some of the projects these loans funded were: sheep raising, car tires trade, breeding birds, sewing bags, a chicken slaughterhouse, vegetable and fruit trade, and wool yarn. 

These loans were repaid and recycled in the third stage. 


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Second Stage (Assiut Governorate)

income generationThe second stage of loans were distributed in January 2020 to 21 individuals in five counties of Assiut Governorate (Manfalut / Al-Jawli / Damanhur / Bani Shaaran / Al-Shanina). These loans were used for: raising goats, sewing bed sheets, grocery trading, hiring scaffolding, hardware, electrical tools, breeding birds, detergents, reinforced wood, apparel trade. 


Third Stage (Minya Governorate)

In March 2020 the third stage of loans were distributed.  These were given to 45 individuals in five counties (Luxor / Al-Jawli / Tinda / Delga / Minya I), recycling the funds repaid from the first loan distribution.

Some of the projects undertaken with these loans were: shoe trade, groceries, textile loom, grain trade, household tools, bird breeding, textile trade, oven and kneader, electrical tools, plumbing tools. 


income generationFourth Stage (Sohag Governorate)

The most recent distribution of loan funds was just carried out this month and a total number of 27 individuals in five counties received loans. These loans will be used for: tailor, accessories, fodder, home Appliances, clothes sale, bag dealer, barber, breeding animals, vegetables, motor repair,  microbus vehicle, medicines. 




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