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KEN06a - Moriah School of Discipleship: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: June 6, 2020

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key People: Rodgers Ade, Daniel and Magdalene Ogutu

Recent Events


The major recent event to impact Moriah has been the global pandemic, Covid-19. Moriah had to stop their training from the 27th March in accordance with government directives to prevent the spread of the virus. They continue to support their students through WhatsApp to give assignments, share challenges, testimonies and continue their Sunday services. They will need to adjust the graduation date from the 25th June to a later date. 

The work on improving the facility is 95% complete. They have fixed the tanks, and installed CCTV, bought a filing cabinet, new TV, air fans, a water dispenser and chairs. They have also put in a solar power system to reduce electricity costs. The only remaining item is the umbrella shade which will be fixed once government restrictions ease.


Personal Stories

Although the school has closed, the relationship between the staff/mentors and the students has remained strong. The staff and mentors continue to support the students and the students are still engaging with the distance learning. This shows a strong rapport between the whole team.


Plans for the Future

These will be reviewed once government restrictions are lifted and school has begun again. 


Current Issues and Challenges

One main challenge for the students is the restrictions with the ministry work due to Covid-19. 

They will need to test all of the students for the virus when they return but the private hospitals charge US$100 per test. 

The cost of food items has increased due to the virus and the floods. The heavy rains have destroyed many crops nationwide causing a food shortage and increase in prices. 

Communication with the students is a challenge as they do not all have smart phones or access to a computer. 

There is currently no toilet for guests to use at the facility. All of the toilets are within the student's dormitories and the guest rooms. 

The front and back fences are weak and need to be reinforced by barbed wire to increase security. This has been a concern for the staff and students. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for protection from the virus for staff and students.
2) Pray that the government will allow institutions like Moriah to reopen so that they are able to continue and finish training. 
3) Pray for Rodgers' children that they will continue to grow in the ways of the Lord.
4) Praise God for the students readiness to continue staying in touch with staff, the mentors and with each other.
5) Praise God for the staff and student mentors who are also continuing to support the students through phone calls and other channels.
6) Praise God that Covid-19 has been contained in Kenya
7) They praise God for the support of Bright Hope World which has encouraged them to remain focused and stay on course and improve their training centre.
8) Praise God for the planting of a new church near the centre which has been supported by the students.