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Report Date: October 25, 2017

Report from BHW Pakistan Partnership Facilitator Following Visit


Key person:  Edward Qaser

Recent Events

The computer centre was shifted from Youhanabad to Kaliq Nager two years ago and restarted. Since then it has trained over 100 students and it is still a great way to meet people. 

Funding from BHW ceased in 2011. 

25 students are attending the classes in Kaliq Nager, 15–20 are very regular. Some work in factories and a number are school students. 

Computers have become part of the school curriculum now and so more students are wanting the tuition. As there are different groups in the community, the course is run when the people are available so there are a number of small classes to cover the various times people are free. 

I visited for an afternoon on the 12th October 2017. We spent some time talking with the team and found them in really good spirits and really happy with their ministry and the impact it’s having in the lives of the young people. The team of four are highly competent and very passionate about the community. 

It’s a strange community. It is like a rural village in a city, on the edge of the city, but there is nothing urban about the mind sets. Muslim’s are buying the buildings and making it increasingly difficult for the Christians to stay. Many have been shifted away and a wall has been built around them so the Muslim’s do not have to interact with them. It is not an easy community to work with. However, they see a major part of their role is to break down the barriers between the groups. 

There is no government school in Kaliq Nager with a population of 3,000 families. That probably means there are at least 10,000 children going to school somewhere else or, more likely, not going at all. 

Two NGOs have tried to start schools in the community but have failed. There is a Korean funded  school but it only operates when there is money, and most of it goes into the pockets of the principal. The Dutch have tried and a lot of money was put into buildings which are very dangerous and in danger of falling down. They try to charge the students a high amount so the students are always being chased from school and they cannot keep the numbers up. There is a lot of corruption in both of them. We had a long discussion about education and the team understands the issues very well and don’t want to get involved in that sort of racket. 


Personal Stories

Ishan and Nazish run the centre. They have the school, the Saturday school and the computer centre operating. 

They also have a little preschool running with more than 100 kids in it. There is a regular Saturday programme for children that come to school and a few others attend as well. There are four teachers. Nine of the children are Moslems and they are seeing a lot of spiritual interest from the parents. They want to do more with the children.

Ishan runs the computer training and is trying to teach computers to the younger children in school as well. It is not very easy as all they want to do is watch movies and when it comes to trying to use the computers for teaching, it’s boring, computers are for movies in their minds!

Ishan also teaches in the school as does Nazish. She is applying for a scholarship next year to do a B Com which will be a help in the ministry. 

One nine year old in the school is a vibrant little Muslim girl. A few days prior to my visit she had a seizure in the school. Ishan was out but was called and came back quickly to find the children very upset and scared. However, before he got there they started singing about David defeating Goliath and that they must not be afraid, trust God and stay strong. He was amazed at the way they responded. They notice that the Muslim parents are not afraid of discussion and the kids crafts and songs are a great entry point into the homes and create many discussion points as they explain what the crafts and songs are about. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

There is little or no value placed on education in the community and it is a real struggle to engage the parents. The children love being at school but are often dragged away to do daily work or work in the house. Children as young as four or five have responsibilities.  


Ideas for the Future

Edward would like to purchase some more computers. The four he has left are not enough and are more and more unreliable. 

He is also preparing a proposal for the tutoring programme. 

The other programmes (school) need no funding. From time to time Edward tops up the funds available for other sources.  


Current Issues and Challenges

Keeping the children in school is an issue because of the pressure from uneducated parents. They place little value on education. 

There are many excuses from families when it comes to paying fees. 

They struggle to obtain enough teaching materials.  


Prayer and Praise Points

1) That despite the difficulties, they are seeing improvements in the relationship with the community. 

2) The Christians are encouraged to see a Christian ministry operating in this community. It gives them a sense of pride and identity. 

3) They want to see the development of more Christian meetings and activity in the community. 



There is a good little ministry going on in this community. I think we should look at putting in a few more computers, possibly a few each year for say three years to spread the cost and keep it up to speed.