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Report Date: July 7, 2015

2014/15 Students


Currently there are 30 students receiving financial assistance for their studies from the Brilliant Students Scholarship Fund.  Below are the profiles of some of the students: 

very deservingNaqash Saleem           

Naqash Saleem Masih is studying F.Sc (Pre-medical and 1st Year). She is a most deserving student. Her father is a Hepatitis patient and has not worked since November 2012. Before that he sold fruit in the streets. Now all the financial responsibilities for the family fall on her younger brother who is just 15 years old. He was kicked out of school because he wasn't able to pay the tuition fee. Her brother is working in a factory to earn money for the family. Her mother is very thankful for this great opportunity and love from Bright Hope World.  

oldest of 6



Sehar Shahjhan

Sehar is a F.Sc student (Pre-medical 1st Year) and studying in the Government degree college Model Town, Lahore. He father is a rickshaw driver and there are five brothers and sisters living in a rented house. It is very difficult for her family to pay her college expenses as well as the other children's school fees in addition to house rent. She is studying very well and got the highest position in the last college exams. 



pharmacist in training


Beenish Walter 

Beenish is a very bold, encouraging and spiritual girl. She is doing a Doctor of Pharmacy from Lahore University and is the only Christian girl amongst 1,750 Muslim students so she encounters much oppression and discrimination but her faith is so strong. She has two sisters and one brother, she is the eldest. She got good marks in Matric and F.Sc (Pre-medical) and is now getting good grades in Doctor of Pharmacy.    

grateful for opportunity 

Nomi Gulzar

Nomi (on left) is studying F.Sc (Pre-medical) in Lahore College for Women University. She got an A+ grade in her last exams (Matric). Her father is a Pastor in the Methodist Church in Lahore and finds it very difficult to run the family with the low support of pastors in Pakistan. Part time he drives a rickshaw to meet his family needs. She would like to get admission in MBBS in Medical College after completion of F.Sc.


studying economics 

Arusa Sohail 

Arusa Sohail is a student of M.A Economics, studying at the Pakistan Degree College of Commerce, Lahore. Her father died when she was 16 years old and studying in Matric class. Now she is teaching in high school and her mother is working in a hotel as a receptionist. Her younger brother is also a student in Matric class. They are living in a rented house and living hand to mouth. They are always thankful for Jesus Christ who provides in time their needs. She is thankful for Bright Hope World for sponsoring her two years of studies in Economics. 

nursing student 

Mishal John 

Mishal John is a nursing student at Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing, Lahore. Her father is a rickshaw driver. She has three more sisters who are also students in school and one brother who is a student of Commerce in college. Mishal John is very passionate to serve humanity. Her father finds it very difficult to meet the house education expenses every month.   

doing her masters



Sabeeta Sardar 

Sabeeta Sardar is doing her Masters degree in Library. Her father works very hard in a wheat store on daily wages. She is also teaching in a high school to help with her family's needs. She supports her younger brothers and sisters and their studies.  

future nurse 


Shamila Pervaiz 

Shamila Pervaiz is a student of F.Sc (Pre-medical) and wants to become a nurse. Her father is a mason and working on daily wages. Most of the time it is very difficult for him to find work. Her mother is a housewife and her elder two sisters and one brother are also studying. She is very thankful to Bright Hope World for financing her studies.  


no parents



Amber Yaqoob 

Amber is a resident of Gujranwala city 75 km from Lahore city. She has no parents and is studying a Bachelor in Arts. She has two younger sisters and three brothers. She is teaching in middle school to support the family. Her father was a T.B. patient and died in December 2014. She is very intelligent and an active student. She is very thankful for this great blessing.   

very thankful 


Sharoon Elevn 

Sharoon is a student of F.Sc (Pre-medical). His father is a small business person, he makes candles in his house and sells on his bicycle. He is helping his father in his business and studying in the mornings. He is thankful for the blessings of the Scholarship Fund for his studies.  


 very poor family


Naina Rafique

Naina is also a resident of Gujranwala city. Her father is a painter and working on daily wages. She has five brothers and two sisters. She is the elder one of them all and studying in F.A Part 2 (office administration). Her family is so poor and it is a very difficult situation to meet the needs of children.