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KEN06 - Fame Childrens Home, Maseno: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: August 15, 2014

Report from BHW Field Director Following Visit in July


Recent Events

Children's Home

This partnership is now complete. Over the previous year all the children in the home have been reintegrated back into the community or have been brought into other MCO–OCC programmes (KEN01b). This was part of a strategy to ensure the children got the best outcomes from a decision previously that the home was not sustainable in the long term.

This process has now been implemented and the home closed.  

The Property

The property has been designated for use for another purpose, that of hosting the Camp Moriah Programme (KEN06a) and also for use as an income generation base. Oscar, the main leader, is in charge of the development. 

Some of the funds sent for the programme were used to assist renovating one of the water tanks and the gutters to harvest water from the roofs. There are large underground water tanks there that have never been fully utilised. One tank has never been full. 


farming seminarIn late May 2014 the BHW Foundations for Farming co-ordinator was there running a seminar. Here are some of his comments:

“The Foundations for Farming training went very well from my perspective and the participants were engaged and seemed to “get it”.  For future training it would be good though to have more emphasis on training local people. This would help with keeping the local community ”on board”. This time most trainees came from around Nairobi.”

He also spent time working with them on their crops and cows, some more comments:

good crops“The growing of crops seems to be going really well. It all looked good and healthy and hopefully with the increased implementation of the Foundations for Farming techniques it might even improve further. The visit to the cows was positive as well. I felt they looked pretty good considering the adverse climatic conditions of recent times (drought) and they make a useful contribution to the ministry. We discussed the need for improvement of the quality of feed the animals get and to that end I suggested an emphasis on the inclusion of legumes in the pastures that will be developed and on subdividing the land in to paddocks. There is also the opportunity to grow fodder trees like Moringa and Leucaena to lift the protein intake of the animals considerably. This will increase milk production.”


Ideas for the Future

looking goodThere is no ongoing strategy here as this partnership is now complete. 

BHW's agriculture director is developing a budget with them for the dairy unit and three other proposals are being developed including pigs, chickens, computers and sewing. If these go ahead a new partnership will be commenced.


Current Issues and Challenges

To transition to an effective income generation base will be a challenge and require some intentional and close supervision. 


Prayer and Praise Points

Praise that they have been able to close this home down without a backlash from the community. This is an achievement. 



In many ways it’s good to see that MCO-OCC has been able to make the transition in a positive way, away from an institutional place and to be able to move towards using their assets to generate income. The test will be whether or not they have the skill and capacity to make it happen. 

The two pieces of land will be used to:
1) Develop a dairy herd to produce income for MCO activities
2) Grow other cash crops 
3) Grow vegetables for use within the Moriah programme and back in Mathare. The greenhouse will be part of that, especially with tomatoes. 
4) Develop a pig project for income generation 
5) Raise chickens for income generation
6) Teach the Camp Moriah candidates and the local community the principles of Foundations for Farming 
7) House a computer centre to train the Camp Moriah candidates, provide a service for the community and generate income