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Myanmar, Asia

MYA08c - Personal Support of Peter Thein

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Peter Thein



Funding Status:

Completed - No Funding Required

Partnership Type:

Evangelism / Church Planting, Micro-enterprise / Micro-loans

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 2,640


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Funding Contact:

No funding required


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Population: 50.5 million

Life Expectancy: 61.2 years

GDP: US$446 per capita

Unemployed: 5.7%

unknown% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

reaching outWhile working as a professor in charge of the Missions Department at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) Peter grew a desire to help the people of his native Rakhine State, one of the least developed areas of Myanmar.

Working with a likeminded group he has reached out to communities in Rakhine and has seen considerable success in their endeavours. Peter has set up an organisation devoted to meeting the needs of remote and rural communities, which involves projects including water reticulation to building.

Peter’s full-time role at MEGST limited his availability to lead the development of this other work which is his real passion and he therefore decided to significantly reduce his teaching load. Bright Hope World is providing some financial support during this time.  

History of Partnership
Bright Hope World came to know of Peter and his work through involvement with MEGST. The Field Director has met him on a number of occasions and the relationship has developed since approximately 2006. 

In 2014 Bright Hope World provided funds to commence the work in Rakhine State (MYA08a) and in February 2016 started providing personal support for Peter.  


The direct beneficiary here is Peter Thein and his family however the secondary beneficiaries are the people who are impacted by the work he is involved in.  

What We Like About The Partnership

Peter has given us two new partnership opportunities in Myanmar and he has the potential to become a significant partner. He has an understanding of the issues, he has already got things going, and he is passionate enough to want to give up his regular job. He has a clear understanding that he doesn't want to become dependent. Along with this, it is for a limited period to give a boost to some potentially significant initiatives. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

reaching outPeter was born into a staunch Buddhist family on an island in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. All the people on the island are devotees of Theravada Buddhism. Early in his life he determined to become a monk and after he completed High School he left the island for Yangon to study.

After a couple of weeks he met a Christian pastor who lived near the monastery and they began to discuss the way of salvation and Jesus Christ. Six months later he became a Christian. 

While completing a BA in Theology he began to ask serious questions about the good news and how to most effectively present it to Buddhist people. It seemed to have little impact on them and was alien to them. He considered these questions over the next several years while completing several post-graduate degrees in Myanmar and overseas. 

During this time he developed his understanding of development and outreach and Peter has since put these thoughts into action in several less developed areas across Myanmar. 


Vision And Annual Strategy


For Peter to be able to establish the work in Rakhine State, Shan State, and other areas around Yangon.


He intends to spend a lot of time recruiting key people and implementing income generation activities for them so they become self-sustaining. 


Annual Budget

The annual budget is US$2,640.