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India, Asia

IND14 - Nicodemus Ministry Rural Village Development - Computer Centre

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Sushil Tyagi



Funding Status:

Completed - Self-sustaining

Partnership Type:

Training / Education, Evangelism / Church Planting, Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 0


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No funding required


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Population: 1.2 billion

Life Expectancy: 63.4 years

GDP: US$1017 per capita

Unemployed: 10%

37% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

22 families are being assisted

2 people employed in partner businesses

20 people are in vocational or agricultural training

Partnership Overview

Nicodemus Ministry is an indigenous ministry to the Urdu speaking people group serving in some of the most needy parts of North India. They seek to uphold God's call to serve the poor, fatherless, afflicted and needy by providing them with better medical care, living conditions and education, thereby releasing them from the physical, socio-emotional and spiritual problems of poverty.

school and community centreNicodemus Ministry has started a school in Bareilly. One of the key goals of the school is to be a community centre where training and interaction with the local community can occur. The specific part of this partnership is to set up a computer training centre so that the local community can come in contact with the Christian believers for a few hours every day and also participate in the devotion and prayer time. They believe that living with the believers and seeing their lives can bring a change in the community and help them to know Jesus.

Two of the Nicodemus team members are able to trouble-shoot any problems at the computer center. They are able to handle software and hardware problems. To solve any major problem they will have to call professional service people. The Course will run for one year and they are looking to take around 20 students in two batches each day, 10 students each batch. 

History of Partnership

Bareilly is the birth place of the Muslim Bareilvi philosophy, a major fraction of folk Islam, and is a known Muslim historical city of North India. However, the inhabitants of the city are very poor and are forced to live as day labourers because there are not many industries in and around the area. 

new computersRealizing the great socio-economical, emotional and spiritual need of the southern villages of Bareilly city, Nicodemus Ministry is working to establish a school and community outreach centre. In the morning hours the Ministry will run a proper school up to 8th class and in the afternoon hours will run a community outreach centre, running income generation training for women like sewing, computer training, paper plate making and beautician training, and also a community medical centre.

Bright Hope World has known the leader of Nicodemus Ministry since 2011 and a number of visits have been made by various team members to this part of North India. In mid 2014 we sent some funds to assist the ministry generally and then in 2015 Nicodemus Ministry presented us with the proposal for the computer centre. 


The beneficiaries here will predominantly be very poor, vulnerable and oppressed women.  

What We Like About The Partnership

Nicodemus Ministry is working amongst the poorest of the poor, and focusing on reaching people of other religious communities.

They have experience in running these community outreach centres in other areas which have been very successful so this is a tried methodology. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

great coupleSushil Tyagi is married to Sara and they have two daughters Grace (born 2006) and Sharon (born 2008). Sushil has previously worked with Operation Mobilisation (OM) and Youth With A Mission (YWAM). 

Nicodemus Ministry was established by Sushil and Sara in 2005.

Other People Involved

Emmanuel and Esther live at the school with their three children.
Sunny is responsible for leading the school.

In addition, there are another 26 staff full time serving with Nicodemus Ministry. 20 of the team are on regular ministry support.


Vision And Annual Strategy


To interact with the local community and begin to share the love of Christ, while also training them in needed skills. 


The strategy is to use the school as a community centre to offer training and opportunity for interaction with the local community. Nicodemus Ministry has run this similar strategy successfully in a project in Madhya Pradesh. The job training projects are running very successfully and have provided job opportunities to over 100 women. 

Students will pay a small fee that will meet the ongoing costs of the computer centre. BHW may need to help with the tutor costs for the first couple of years. 


Annual Budget

The 2016 budget to establish the computer centre is US$7,260. 

1.       6 Computers                                      US$ 3,300
2.       Computer Lab Furniture                     US$ 1,650
3.       Tutor honorarium                               US$ 1,980
4.       Printer                                               US$ 330 

In future years the annual budget will be US$1,980 to cover the tutor's costs.