Dem. Rep. of Congo, Africa

DRC05a - SPCM Community Bakery

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Completed - No Funding Required

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Community / Agriculture Development, Humanitarian

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$0 - $2,999

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US$ 0

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Dem. Rep. of Congo

Population: 67.8 million

Life Expectancy: 47.6 years

GDP: US$185 per capita

Unemployed: unknown%

79.6% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

9 families are being assisted

9 people employed in partner businesses

Partnership Overview

busy citySPCM operates as an umbrella organisation for Sowers International (INT02) in the DRC and for ACIS, a Christian ministry to deaf people. This project will provide employment and an income for people from both organisations who will work in it. 

Lubumbashi is a large, sprawling metropolis of more than 2 million people meaning there is plenty of scope to provide bread to the various communities. This project will bake and sell bread as a means of employment and income for the poor (deaf) and Christian workers (Sowers), both of whom require resourcing. 

An initial bakery will be established and then others developed on the basis of what they learn. It is envisaged that a network of bakeries will be set up around the city over a period of 5 years that will require ongoing investment, mainly for equipment.  

History of Partnership

Bright Hope World has been partnering with Sowers International in Africa since 2002 and so we have a strong relationship with them. We have been really impressed with the quality of the people leading their programs and in mid-2014 commenced financially supporting Emmanuel Ngoy Kakudji (DRC05).

much needed necessityBHW's New Partnership Facilitator has known Emmanuel since the early 1990's, their paths have crossed from time to time since then and they have remained in contact. In 2019 the BHW New Partnership Facilitator was in Lubumbashi and met with Emmanuel and Carole, at which time the concept of the bakery was introduced. Ongoing communication got the project to the point of presentation and in May 2020 the BHW Executive approved commencing this partnership. 

The structure of the organisation in partnership with Bright Hope World is called Christian Mission for Social Promotion (SPCM). It is under this structure, recognized and approved by the Congolese government, that the two other evangelical missions work: Sowers International and The Christian and Independent Assemblies of the Deaf (ACIS).  


The direct beneficiaries here are the 7 to 10 people who will be employed in the bakery (Sowers workers and the deaf). The deaf community struggles to evolve on its own without hearing people to help them and for their integration into society they need hearing people who know their language. The first two brothers who signed up for this project are not only Sowers, but they are interpreters who work in the supervision of the deaf. Each of these two groups will benefit in the bakery.

Indirectly the beneficiaries will be other people such as the vulnerable, including the disabled, widows, orphans and the elderly to whom bread will be provided cheaply or for free. 

All those working in the project, the direct beneficiaries, are Christians connected to Sowers or the Christian deaf ministry.  

What We Like About The Partnership

This is targeting the people we are most interested in, the poor and Christian workers who are poor.

The key person is known well and has brought together a good team. He is entrepreneurial and has a good reputation with people we know. 

The key person is very well connected to many people. He knows everyone and has a proven record with Sowers and other groups as a man who makes things happen. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

great coupleEmmanuel Ngoy Kakudji wa Kita is entrepreneurial and leads numerous ministries. Currently his major focus is the ministry to the deaf and Sowers International. He has many strengths, among which is the huge network he has developed to the point where he was asked to become involved in politics. But he sees his role as with the poor and telling the Good News. Here is Emmanuel's testimony and story in his own words:

"I am married to Carole and we have five children of our own and we also adopted two orphans. I was personally touched by the gospel on 24th December 1972. One year after my conversion, on January 1st 1974 I was baptised. In 1986 I went to a Bible institute for pastoral training for three years.

In 1990 my heart was opened to follow the training of SOWERS International. I was in a group of about a hundred people who were the first to be trained by Ken Rout. I was then chosen with three other brothers to go to Zambia to be trained at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the SOWERS program. Of those who travelled to Zambia, I am the only one who has continued to Level 4.  

That same year the Lord gave me the responsibility to take care of Christian literature (books, Bible studies, tracts etc) as an effective means of evangelization and establishing new Christians in their faith.  That ministry continues today. 

With the SOWERS program, the Lord has not only allowed me to train evangelists in different communities but also to plant 40 churches in the DR Congo. These churches are primarily those of my Christian community (EVAM Eglise Evangïlique des Maisons or Evangelical House Churches) that began without the help of anyone except the Lord himself.  

Today I am pleased that this same method has enabled me to open independent churches among the deaf (I have learned sign language) and the Pygmies of the Katanga province.

Recently I started a program training deaf evangelists and late last year the first couple were commissioned. Tshibala Mabanda Detshi and his wife Mimi Dianda have had the joy of leading 58 deaf people to the Lord. Other deaf evangelists are being sent out to other regions.


I am just an instrument that God uses to bring the Gospel of salvation to all through SOWERS International and the use of Christian literature. Besides that, I also help those who are marginalized and forgotten by society to know the Lord and have the dignity that all men deserve." 

Other People Involved

The Organizational Chart of the Project Management Committee is presented as follows:
1) Project Co-ordinator : Emmanuel Ngoy Kakudji wa Kita (Sower Level 5)     
2) Project Supervisor  :  Pierre Bondo Nkomeja (Sower Level 3)     
3) Project Finance Officer  :  Dieudonn Utoka Kyona (Sower Level 4)     


Vision And Annual Strategy


The primary vision is to fight poverty and to raise the standard of living of the families of the beneficiaries. They currently live at a very low level which compromises their health, education and ability to be effective in ministry. 


The strategy is to develop a network of bakeries that will employ many people thus benefiting many more vulnerable and poor. The concept is that this bakery will be self-sustaining as a business entity. It will pay a decent wage to those working in it and create profit to be reinvested in growth and assisting vulnerable people. 


Annual Budget

A one-off amount of US$5,390 is required here to establish the first bakery. This will fund:
1) Construction of bakery building 
2) Bakery equipment, mixers, trays and generator 
3) Purchase of product with which to make bread