Egypt, Middle East

EGY05b - Barnabas Ministry - Support of Addicts

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Funding Status:

Fully Funded

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Funding Size:

$8,000 - $14,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 8,800

Connected To:

EGY05 , EGY05a , EGY05c


Population: 89 million

Life Expectancy: 70 years

GDP: US$3724 per capita

Unemployed: %

% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

13 families are being assisted

Partnership Overview

helping a fewAmong the poor in Cairo are many men who are addicted to various substances. Poverty and despair leads them to become involved in drug taking. This then causes deeper levels of poverty for them and their families and a descent into desperation. A large number of families have been destroyed because of this. These men roam the streets looking for their next fix and live on the streets. They abandon their families and then they too become victims. For every one person brought back from drug dependency up to 10 people are helped. 

Through his extremely wide network NB heard about the addicts and some years ago decided to do something about it. He realised he could not help them all, but he could help a few so he began calling them together and trying to help them. It was tough going and he found that they constantly went back to their old habits. A friend suggested that they actually needed specialised help and that they needed to go to rehabilitation. NB has a Christian friend who runs a rehabilitation facility for addicts. It is a 6-month course and NB refers some of the men to go there. The majority of those who go are able to kick their habits and return into normal life. Some are able to get their jobs back and restore their families as well. It is a very effective programme. 

NB also continues to meet with a group of addicts each month. He tries to help them but has few resources so is unable to help many. He does not have the capacity to run a separate ministry to them at the moment but there are some he wants to assist.   

History of Partnership

BHW's Executive Chairman met NB a number of years ago and continued to follow his ministry. In December 2014 BHW's New Partnership Facilitator visited Egypt and spent time with N and S to research opportunities for partnership. Following this visit, in early 2015 BHW commenced partnership with the Vocational Training Centre (EGY01). 

On subsequent visits to Egypt over the intervening years NB would talk to BHW team members about his work amongst these addicts and in late 2019 we commenced providing financial support for this aspect of his ministry. 


changed livesThe beneficiaries here are men who have fallen into drug addiction. These men are usually in their 30s and 40s with families. Most of them get into addiction because they cannot support their families and this is their way of trying to block it out. Almost all of them are from Christian backgrounds. 

The families of the men who attend the course are beneficiaries as well. They get their husband, father or son back again. 

Some of these men were once successful in business and other fields but they have lost everything.  

What We Like About The Partnership

NB is doing this already and will do it with whatever resources he can find, whether or not we are involved.
There is a good process involved with a proven record. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

NB is the executive director of IN Network Egypt. He is married to SB and they have three adult children. 

NB is a veterinarian and worked as a vet for seven years. He then left his career and has been involved in full time ministry since 1988.  He is the director of a private school and leads other projects in Egypt.      


Vision And Annual Strategy


To help as many men as possible out of drug addiction and back into productive lives. 


To continue to meet with groups of addicts on a monthly basis and assist them to come to a point of realising they need to change. 

To send as many as are willing to attend a 6-month residential rehabilitation centre run by NB's friend. The intention is to try and help 8-10 per year through this rehabilitation course.  


Personal Testimony

Real "Life Change" Stories

There is a man whose name is "X" who is married with three children. He was stealing money in order to be able to get drugs. NB followed along with them his journey of recovery and now he has become a new person and went back home after his recovery period to be with his family. 

Another young man who was a very clever veterinary student had become addicted to drugs and left his studies. He started stealing money in order to be able to buy drugs. He has now started to recover, is feeling better and is praying with NB regularly.