Zambia, Africa

ZAM11b - Support of Dick and Anita Mumba

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Dick Mumba



Funding Status:

Completed - No Funding Required

Partnership Type:

Evangelism / Church Planting, Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 0

Connected To:

ZAM11a , ZAM19c


Population: 16.59 million

Life Expectancy: 60.79 years

GDP: US$1248 per capita

Unemployed: 16.0%

81.5% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

Sometimes you meet people who make an immediate impression on you. Dick and Anita are like that. BHW first met Dick and Anita in 2006 when they moved to Chipata to take over the running of Shalom Community School for disadvantaged children (ZAM11a). As they had very little financial support we started supporting them in this ministry as well as providing some funding for the school.

at farmIn 2010, after completing their five-year commitment with YWAM in Chipata, they felt led to join All Kids Can Learn Zambia to continue their ministry to orphaned and vulnerable children.

In November 2012 they finished this ministry and moved back to Chipata. There they have a personal farm where they wanted to set themselves up using "Foundations for Farming" to be fully self-funded, while using the things God has given them to help disciple the community. 

In 2015 they commenced discussions with GLO Bible College in Ndola (ZAM19c) about a role on the staff there to help with mentoring GAP year students, managing outreaches, being involved in church based leadership training programmes, and helping with farming the land GLO has. This role requires that they have their own financial support. 

In November 2016 the family moved to Ndola (a move of 900 km) to start with GLO. This assignment finished at the end of 2017, and Dick and Anita are exploring options with youth programs in Ndola.


Dick and Anita Mumba are the direct beneficiaries of this partnership, but it enables them to have a huge impact on the youth they disciple at GLO, as well as the many churches that they run programmes at.

What We Like About The Partnership

Dick and Anita are very passionate and hard-working people. They have five children of their own but have a real love, care and concern for the many vulnerable children in Zambia and have spent many years in ministry with children. The time they spent working with YWAM has given them good training for working with children. They have a very high level of integrity. 

busy family
Key People

Leadership Profile

Dick and Anita met at YWAM training in Hawaii, Dick is a Zambian and Anita is a Pacific Islander. Prior to going to Chipata in 2006 they were involved as church planters in another area of Zambia. They have five children – Jesse 21 yrs, Abraham 20 yrs (not in photo), Michelle 15 yrs and 12 year old twin girls Rachel and Esther.

Jesse and Abraham are looking at ways to further their studies (Jesse was a GAP year student at GLO in 2014). The three girls are staying with Dick and Anita at GLO and travel into town each day to go to school. 

Dick has attended Bible school and served as a pastor in several churches in Zambia. Anita is a trained pre-school teacher.