Jordan, Middle East

JOR01 - Manara International - Support of Refugees

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Isam Ghattas - Manara International



Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Humanitarian, Evangelism / Church Planting

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 0


Population: 6.5 million

Life Expectancy: 73 years

GDP: US$4674 per capita

Unemployed: 14%

1.6% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

500 families are being assisted

500 refugees and internally displaced people assisted

Partnership Overview

Manara International has three key focus areas:

Grateful for help1. To distribute the Word of God to people in the region 
This includes Bibles, Christian materials and literature. Manara has a Christian Bookshop in Amman and they were able to put 50,000 Bibles into Syria before the war got too bad. The bookshop is open to everyone, not just Christians.

2. To meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in the region through development and relief 
Because of war, Manara is now restricted to activities in Jordan but they were previously involved in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Their efforts are aimed at the poorest of the poor. They encourage and support Christians and the church to remain in difficult places. Manara has an extensive network and often gets asked to get involved and help in crisis situations - sometimes they just act as an agency or broker. 

3. Reach out to and develop Christian youth 
Through camps over summer Manara helps young people find their passion and giftings. Many key Christian leaders in Jordan came to Christ through Manara's 'Camp Gilead' and the camp has a huge legacy.  

History of Partnership

For some years BHW personnel have know of Manara and the leaders. In 2011 we were invited to visit and the first visit went ahead in 2012. Since that time, and some visits later, it has become obvious that there are huge needs amongst the poor and that Manara are doing a great work among them.

Bright Hope World is focused on supporting Manara in its work with refugees, particularly those from Iraq. Of course there are many poor apart from the refugees and there is a real work going on with them as well. 

As BHW engages with Manara to assist those they are working with, talks are going on to look at opportunities to help them generate resources within country and so not be dependent on resources from outside the country.

The local church in Jordan is a small minority and has few of it's own resources so they have little to put into the resource bag. However, they are very committed and willing to become involved. Manara is mobilising people to become involved in the lives of those who are suffering. The scale of the current situation is huge, the numbers are very high so there is a degree of urgency to bring relief and help. Many of those in the camps are Christians.


The beneficiaries of Manara's work are those that have fled conflicts in the Middle East and have, typically, lost everything. Refugees in Jordan receive limited UN support, but they are not allowed to work and must rely on the support of Jordanians.

Manara works to provide the basic necessities of life for these refugees as well as offering moral and sprititual support. 

What We Like About The Partnership

Manara has a strong reputation and network in Jordan and is very well respected by the people, both Christian and Muslim. They are motivated by compassion and are very entrepreneurial, constantly considering new ways to help the poor and develop the young people of Jordan.

Relationship To Other Partnerships

Manara is Bright Hope World's first partnership in the Middle East.


Key People

Leadership Profile

Wanting to helpManara International was founded by Isam Ghattas more than 40 years ago. Isam came to Christ by reading a Bible he was given and so has a strong inclination towards ensuring the Word of God is available to all. Isam began in the 1970's with the Manara Christian Bookshop and focused on Christian literature distribution around the Middle East.

At around the same time Isam founded Camp Gilead in the Gilead region of Jordan, noted in scripture for its 'healing balm'. Thousands of young people have been through these camps and have heard about Jesus. Most of the leaders in the Jordanian church today are there as a result of attending a camp in Gilead. Isam is now focused on developing leaders within Manara to ensure the ministry is handed on to a new generation.

Other People Involved

Isam's son Safa is also heavily involved in Manara, although he is based in the US. Safa is focused on developing income generation opportunities for Manara including a bookshop/cafe and an executive training business. 


Vision And Annual Strategy

Manara's vision is based around its three focus areas - distributing the Word of God to all, assisting the poorest of the poor and developing young leaders in Jordan. 


Annual Budget

Bright Hope World has committed to funding US$13,200 per annum for assisting refugees in Jordan. However there is no maximum amount for a ministry such as this. The initial amount will be reviewed constantly.