Bolivia, South America

BLV04 - Carpentry Workshop

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Funding Status:

Completed - Self-sustaining

Partnership Type:

Evangelism / Church Planting

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 0

Connected To:

BLV02 , BLV03


Population: 10.0 million

Life Expectancy: 65.4 years

GDP: US$1656 per capita

Unemployed: 6.0%

21.9% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

Good programmeEli and Raquel Antelo have undergone training at the Bible School in Camiri. Soon after they were married they went out to a job, managing a farm in San Juan del Pirai, with the intention of establishing a church. After working for a number of months the job fell through and the contracting party would not even pay the months of back wages owed. The believers in the church there (which now consists of four families) took them in and helped them get a place to rent and odd jobs to do. During that time they developed a promising children's group in the town as well as helped the church get back up on its feet. They were also asked to take over the school dormitory in town as they had gained the confidence of the local people. 

Eli then began work in a carpentry shop mainly doing contract work for the government making hives for beekeeping. There is also a lot of demand for carpentry in the area, for doors and windows and furniture. The place he works is the only carpentry shop in San Juan.  

remote townThe town of San Juan is located down one of the north-south valleys that lay alongside the climb into the Andes mountains.  It is a school town for children up to high school and draws from the farms and communities around. There are a collection of hidden towns (not on a main road) that link up here. Eli has been donated a 125cc motorcycle for transport there and he has begun to use this to visit villages up and down the valley. 

This partnership will provide the funds necessary for them to take over the carpentry shop as the owner is wanting to sell, purchase some tools and set them up in an income generating business.  It is a large lot just two blocks from the central plaza and includes both a house and workshop. 

History of Partnership

table sawLate in the 1990's BHW started a partnership in Bolivia supporting the development of a dairy farm. The farm has developed well and assists with supporting church development and a Bible school. 

In 2013 another stage of development was started with a Vocational Skills Training Centre to equip church planters and local people with practical training (BLV03). 

During this time BHW has established a very good relationship with Jesse and Janel Mattix, missionaries from the USA working in Bolivia, and it was Jesse who brought Eli and Raquel to our attention for consideration of funding. 


The primary beneficiaries are Eli and Raquel. The purpose is for this to be their means of support while developing the church. Indirectly the church will benefit as well.  

What We Like About The Partnership

There is good support for Eli and Raquel. They have some missionaries overseeing them and they are very supportive. They have a good network as well. There is no other carpentry workshop in the area so there is no competition at the moment. 


Key People

Eli and Raquel Antelo

Church plantersEli and Raquel are alumni of the Bible School in Camiri. After completing his studies Eli stayed on to work on the dairy farm connected to the Bible School. Eli worked with Jaime who has been the farm manager for some years, while studying agronomy in the local university. Eli is from a Christian family. Raquel was saved as a teenager when she was 16 years old. Eli is 24 years old and Raquel is 22 years old.

In the evenings between 5 and 9pm Raquel runs a little print business with a computer and printer.  


Vision And Annual Strategy

love kidsThis business will enable Eli and Raquel to continue to minister to the town and surrounding villages, become self-funding in their ministry and not be tied to a boss which will give them a more flexible schedule. Their desire is to see more people in San Juan and the surrounding communities become Christians and grow in their faith. 


Annual Budget

There is a one-off amount required of US$4,700 to enable them to purchase the carpentry workshop and accommodation, a table saw and planer, and a 3-phase electric motor.